C – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Changes since 27th September Added link to online C manual (in PDF format) at Mamiya USA in section Updated information on Front Element. Mamiya Cf Professional Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mamiya Cf Professional Accessories Manual.

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Another letter code to the date table.

It took me almost a year of intense searching to find lenses mqmiya good conditions. Contributors will be cited with their express permission only. The meter can be confused by the second diaphragm in the mm DS lens, which must be set to match the meter lens aperture setting normally f3.

However, comparing a typical 3-lens system shows a slightly different story: This permitted the angle of the top flap to be set so that glare from the top of the hood was invisible in the finder.

There appears to have been an early paramender design for this camera. Same mechanism as C Included specific notes about citation in active auctions. The newer lenses are recognisable by all-black finish manua, sometimes a blue dot on the shutter cocking lever often called blue dot lenses.


As you can see, the camera offers a series of very clever features to avoid mistakes and enhance user friendliness. Manual One, right side Scale Scale. Setting the control to ‘Unlock’ also raises the internal baffle that protects the film while the lens is removed.

Mamiya C330f Professional Manuals

As was noted in the introduction to the Depth of Field tables, diffraction may be significant at the smallest apertures. At least one home built paramender project has been done.

Cold, upper left side Yes, sheet film back option Yes There is a film transport lock only, no shutter interlock Conical thread socket on lens panel frame, level with the shutter release arm. The local Mamiya distributor may be able to help. Rangefinder split image4 degree spot 3.

The Cs and probably most Cf have scales for both mm lenses. It has been suggested that lenses can be dated for black models at least by the gold two-letter stickers that sometimes survive. Please see this link for a more general table and an explanation of the method used to derive these values. Page 30 Precautions on Shutter Operations cont. The shutter is labelled Seiko except for the 80mm f3.

Good results can be obtained by printing straight to laser grade transparency film. The tables are in Feet and Inches for purely selfish reasons – that’s how my camera is calibrated!


Mamiya C – Lights in the Box

The body has two focus mannual. Near Limit Ft 30 15 3. If precise control over this alignment within the subject is required, parallax correction is required.

It appears that the holders for the Model 2 variants are not compatible. The Mamiya lenses have the viewing and taking lenses displaced by 50mm. There seems to manuaal been two variants.

The biggest risk would come from an extended bellows, so it might be wise to retract the bellows or close the internal baffle when not actively photographing. A similar problem can arise with certain lenses that permit the shutter trip lever to move even if the lens is not cocked. The trade off is whether the extra length gives better quality than enlarging the image from the prime lens.

The actual paint does vary between camera models.

Strap mounts may be lugs in place of slots.