Malformasi Anorektal. ANGKA KEBERHASILAN POSTEROSAGITTAL ANORECTOPLASTY (PSARP) YANG DINILAI DARI SKOR KLOTZ PADA PASIEN MALFORMASI ANOREKTAL. Faktor Risiko yang Memengaruhi Luaran Klinis Malformasi Anorektal pada Neonatus di RSUD Dr. Zainoel Abidin, Banda Aceh. Article. Full-text available.

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In the case of persistent cloaca, a distended vagina hydrocolpos can be identified. While in a patient with a good prognosis, this may be overflow incontinence, it may also represent true fecal incontinence in cases of very high imperforate anus or poor muscles and an abnormal sacrum.

Both the urinary tract and the distended vagina may need to be dealt with in the newborn period to avoid serious complications. The preferred colostomy is anogektal descending colostomy, i. This applies for a select group of patients with enormous daily laxative requirements to keep their colons clean.

Pediatric Surgery and Urology: Perianal dissection towards the laparoscopic light source favours accurate placement of a trocar to pull the rectum through the external sphincter anorektsl complex.

Malformasi Anorektal | Lokananta | Jurnal Kedokteran Meditek

Received Jul 18; Accepted Jul The only way to definitively determine the patient’s anorectal defect is to perform a distal colostogram, which of course requires the presence of a colostomy. The decisions involved in managing the female newborn are less complicated. Abstract Anorectal malformations comprise a wide spectrum of diseases, which can affect boys and girls, and involve the distal anus and rectum as well as the urinary and genital tracts.

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Performance of a new pull-through operation should be avoided so that the patient’s rectal reservoir is preserved.

Anorectal malformations

First; are there associated anomalies that threaten the baby’s life and should be dealt with right away? Complex vaginal mobilizations are often required and frequenly a vaginal replacement with small intestine or colon is necessary.

Treatment Surgery As discussed previously, the surgeon must decide in the newborn period whether the child requires fecal diversion with a colostomy, or can undergo a primary repair procedure. Since that time there have been reports of families with 2 or more affected members and associations of ARMs with multisystem syndromes.

The surgeon must be prepared to perform a urologic diversion if necessary. Anofektal such as the status of the spine, sacrum, and perineal musculature affect the counseling of the parents.

Anorectal malformations

The main clinical manifestation of this is constipation, which seems to be more severe in patients with lower defects. Posterior sagittal approach for the correction of anorectal malformations. There are however reasons to believe there is a genetic componenet. Perineal signs found in patients with low malformations include the presence of meconium at the perineum, a “bucket-handle” malformation a prominent skin tag located at the anal dimple below which an instrument can be passedand an anal membrane through which one can see meconium.

For patients with a common channel greater than three cm, a laparotomy is usually required. Clinical inspection of the buttocks is important. Furthermore, an internal sphincter saving technique has been devised when performing the posterior sagittal approach. This misconception has important therapeutic implications that will be discussed below. Voluntary muscles can be used only when the patient has the sensation that it is necessary to use them.


Voluntary muscle structures In the normal patient, the voluntary muscle structures are represented by the levators, muscle complex, and external sphincter.

Laparoscopically assisted anorectal pull-through for high imperforate anus — a new technique. To avoid this, the distal stoma must be made intentionally small, as anorrktal will be used only for irrigations and radiologic studies.

Cambridge University Press; Table 1 Classification of non-syndromic anorectal malformations ARM. If the spine was not evaluated in the newborn period with ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging is necessary after age 3 months to rule out the presence of tethered cord and other spinal anomalies. We believe that an anatomic classification would have more clinical value.

Once the rectum is completely mobilized, a perineal body is constructed, and the rectum is placed within the limits of the sphincter mechanism [ 21 ].