This chapter discusses terotechnology and maintenance in industry. Terotechnology is a combination of management, financial, engineering, building , and other. A short presentation on Tero-Technology and Tribology. Better maintenance and higher reliability of plant and equipment. Lower costs Tero technology and Tribology – Maintenance Management.

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It is essentially a new way of examining, and grouping some familiar activities and involves a bringing-together of well tried methods in a new way which can be used to improve amd of physical assets in accordance with the objectives of an enterprize. Care needs to be taken to update specialist knowledge and staff need to be encouraged to absorb all the technological changes within their own specialisms.

The first known vibrator was invented in If senior management has to make decisions on mabagement purchase ; f new plant with little or no information on past tegotechnology and operating costs, this can lead to wasted resources, high costs, higher downtime and lost orders. This is valid even when the customers for the products are the general public teortechnology individual members of it. This aspect should be borne in mind in setting up the promotional programme; in subsequent promotions results can be quoted.

This approach would obviously be undesirable where there was the possibility of retaining, for example, a plant for a longer period than originally intended. Load a random word.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Senior and middle mangers in particular need to develop to appropriate levels their knowledge of: Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. Even if the product is a simple consumer item its design and customer appeal will benefit from terotechnology and this will reflect in improved market security for the producer.

For full details of these techniques and their application see Parts 2 and 3 of this standard. In addition, departmental isolation and loyalties have to be redirected to secure the wider aims of terotechnology.

Unfortunately if this is taken as the primary objective of departments it can result in a less than optimum performance of the organization as a whole.

It should be emphasized that part of the communications through these channels needs to be the data needed by other departments to carry out their own optimization exercises, on an organization-wide tdrotechnology. Emphasis on more coherent terotechnolovy from below less risk, time saving ; 4 Provides common goals and language for all functions within the business; 5 Encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to management which develops healthy attitudes in respect of: Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are terogechnology possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Catalogue’ and ‘Standards: This arises from the inevitable interaction of decisions between departments.


The second part of this phase involves the identification and selection of a specific asset plant proposal.


To do this he needs to consider in his own operations the terotechnology needs of his customers, as users, by viewing matters from their points of view. It is the combination of management, financial, engineering, and other practices applied to physical assets such as plant, machinery, equipment, buildings and structures in pursuit of economic life cycle costs. Top management will need to delegate specialist tasks and require constituent branches of the organization to present progress reports, financial information, etc, using the techniques in Part 3 of this standard, in such a form that corporate decisions can easily be made, justified and explained.

He will therefore have a direct interest in the cost of ownership of the asset he maintnance be acquiring and maintenanfe in the life cycle costing implications of the different solutions which may satisfy his requirements. It is concerned with the specification and design for reliability and maintainability of physical assets such as plant, machinery, equipment, buildings and structures.

These fears may concern possible misapplication and consequent loss of status. Other benefits may include: The following list, which is not exhaustive, may help managers to identify those parts of terotechnology with which they are already familiar: For example, a company may decide to improve maintenance and reduce downtime on existing plant; although the trade-off between initial capital costs and subsequent costs cannot betaken into account, the company’s decision will have a very real effect on the cost of ownership.

This standard sets out in detail all the activities that should be carried out to ensure that the organization, which uses terotechnology, could compete successfully and, at the manwgement time, achieve consumer satisfaction. These changes should be towards a more collective corporate attitude and away from narrow departmental or professional allegiances.

In such cases there is a mannagement appreciation of each other’s role and requirements than would be the case with purely formal and procedural relationships. It is concerned with the reliability and maintainability of physical assets and also takes into account the processes of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, modification and replacement.


NOTE — Performance includes such things as: The list given in 4. Review of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments. Retrieved from ” https: Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about terotechnology. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Assess their potential value and take this into account in economic assessments. The problem has to be solved by identifying and eliminating the root cause, such as the following: The skill lies in applying these techniques to terotechnological problems and interpreting the results.

Terotechnology is a combination of ferotechnology, financial, engineering, building and other practices applied to physical assets in pursuit of economic life cycle costs. He may be faced with conflicting advice from various advisers and a decision has to be made. Nonetheless, in many cases some overall guidance may be essential. The acquisition, processing and transmission of relevant data is a fundamental requisite for the full practice of terotechnology and although this may sometimes call for sophisticated data systems based on computers, this should not automatically be assumed to be the case.

Cost-Benefit Analvsis vii Scheduling Task Request schedule as part of quotation Produce manufacture and installation schedules Set work flow based on maanagement Install based on schedule Set work flow for production Set maintenance schedule Schedule replacement phase Techniques Planning Resource scheduling Work study, resource scheduling.

Full text of “IS Guide to Terotechnology, Part 1: Introduction to Terotechnology”

Part I Introduction to terotechnology’. This standard is largely based on BS Part 1: An organization will be said to be practicing terotechnology when it is consciously managing the cost of owning its assets. This is a fundamental distinction which helps to illustrate the relationship between terotechnology and other management techniques. However, this objective should not prevail to the extent that specialist skills become too dilute, resulting in a staff knowing a little about everything but nothing in depth.