The options described in this user guide enable you to generate a o Main Navigation Menu Options (available in Magento Enterprise and later). 96 iii. Magento Community Edition User Guide, Version Apache x. Nginx x (for CE or EE or greater). Server Hosting. Welcome to the home page for Magento 1.x documentation for installation, Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) Documentation Home (EE) · Getting the PHP patch for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE).

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If you use one of the major payment gateways, such as PayPal Pro or Authorize. Want to do a special promotion magneto customers that are located in New York?

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12

Pager works wrong with float page number Fixed: This includes the diagnosis and in most cases, the resolution of any functional or visual issues in the Magento Core product. Google likes sites that load fast, too, and rewards them with better search rankings.

Issue when trying to view the order using a specific admin user Fixed: A key feature that is not in many other competing shopping cart systems.

If you make any changes to the Magento core files, Magento Enterprise support group will not be able to assist you, until you un-do the core file changes.

Louis, another for people in the same county, and then another for the rest of the state. Default country is selected in Shipping Address during Admin order creation Fixed: Magento Enterprise Customers do receive Enterprise support.

Old copyright data and system version exist in page footer Fixed: Incorrect logic during dividing products into multiple boxes for shipping Fixed: Reset button should not be on the page New Gift Wrapping Fixed: Custom options are not stored when downloadable product is duplicated Fixed: Grid headers are displayed incorrect on the Tag Edit page Fixed: Magento Enterprise has all of the features of the Magento Community system, listed above.


Numerous issues with promotions on complex products Fixed: For many store owners, the Magento Community platform will take care of their needs. You also need to invest in great content on the site, social media outreach, and inbound links from relevant sites.

Sorting products by attributes other than defaults settings returns blank page Fixed: This is often used on the category page.

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition –

It allows a typical user to bypass all of the data-entry, and just checkout quickly. Some mageno are not translated in widgets Fixed: Free is good, right?

Your SEO team will be happy! Shopping Cart Price rules show up when a customer adds something to the cart. What does it do? Issue with final price calculation for Configurable product with sub products Fixed: Overmerchants are using Magento for their eCommerce storefronts, including some of largest brand names in fashion, clothing, sports and electronics.

While many of the improvements in Enterprise are minor to the end user visuallythey are designed to speed up the process of checkout.

After a customer places an order with you, they will receive an order confirmation email through the system. Code-level access to the files. Ongoing Marketing to Past Customers. Magento Community allows someone to go into the system and create a coupon code for a specific amount or percentage that can be used by one or more people.

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Magento Community also allows you to add custom landing pages in the same way, but does not mgento you to exclude landing pages as easily from the site hierarchy and search results. Oops… you made the change last week? Apostrophe in store name breaks Google Analytics tracking Fixed: License agreement content is too old Fixed: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise both send out this critical transactional email.

Unable to continue checkout for product with zero price and non-zero shipping price Fixed: For example, a really great customer is having an issue on the site. Your customer service rep might give them free shipping because they had an issue.

Typo in JavaScript error message Fixed: Do you know when you visit a site and begin typing… and the system starts recommending search results? The shopping cart system is perhaps the most important feature of the entire eCommerce system, and Magento Community offers what is known as a persistent shopping cart.

Customer was unable to receive newsletters when it was created via backend Fixed: There are more than 7, extensions available right now in the Magento Connect Extension Marketplace, that make it easy to add new functionality to your site. Exception in shop when accessed by Googlebot Fixed: While Magento Enterprise see below has more bells and whistles, Magento Community Edition has powerful pricing options, that give store owners many options, including: