L95 Dual mandate In British tropical Africa, 3 The original of this book is in the Cornell Sir F. D. LUGARD g.c.m.g., c.b., d.s.o. HON. Lugard: The Dual Mandate 2 translated into practice admits of wide differences of opinion and method. Obviously the extent to which native races are capable of. Lugard conceded that British methods had not produced ideal results a strong guiding principle of British rule, part of its “dual mandate” of reciprocal benefit.

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It was a concept in which existing African traditional political institutions were preserved and incorporated into the colonial administrative system for local governance.

A Mahdi rebellion in at the Satirua village near Sokoto, resulted in the total destruction of the town and huge numbers of casualties. The name ‘Dealtry’ was in honour of Thomas Dealtrya mandafe of his father. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He was recalled from Ngami by the British government and sent to West Africa, where he was commissioned to raise a native force to protect British interests in the hinterland of the Lagos Colony and Nigeria against French aggression.

Pottinger Davis Bonham Bowring H.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The emirs were highly autocratic. According to Lugard, Britain held a dual responsibility in Africa: Following the subjugation of the Hausa-Fulani inLugard introduced the system among the people. By the time Lugard resigned as commissioner inthe entire Nigeria was being peacefully administered under the supervision of British residents.

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The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa, by Frederick John Dealtry Lugard (1965)

This section does sual cite any sources. In direct rule as a principle of colonial local government became the standard policy in most of British Africa. Indirect rule was thus less successful here.

In practice, it proved workable largely because the existing hierarchical political order in Northern Nigeria fit perfectly with the demands of the system. It was in Northern Nigeria, however, that the system had its most profound expression. To help us prevent spam submissions, please type the text in the image below:.

But the established traditional route to Machakos was a treacherous journey through the large Taru Desert—93 miles of scorching dust bowl. Such arrangement in which imperial orders were disguised lugagd those of the chiefs ensured quick compliance by the people. The limitations of indirect rule were demonstrated in Southern Nigeria where Lugard extended the system after the amalgamation of northern and southern protectorates in Governor-General of Nigeria — A Concise History of Hong Kong.

He realised that there were vast profits to be made through the export of resources such as manfate, and through taxation of native populations as well as importers and exporters The British taxpayer continually made a duaal from the colonies in this period. However, the region provided abundant sources of raw materials and markets for manufactured goods.

While administering Uganda, he journeyed round the Rwenzori Mountains to Lake Edwardmapping a large area of the country. This would avoid revolt because, he believed, the people of Africa would be lugarrd likely to follow someone who looked like them, spoke their languages and shared their customs.

In Northern Nigeria, therefore, Lugard found the necessary centralized luugard structure and pre-exiting taxation and court systems critical for indirect rule to work.


Full text of “The dual mandate in British tropical Africa”

Lugard’s chief interest was education and he was largely remembered for his efforts to the founding of the University of Hong Kong in Territories acquired through conquest, cession, settlement, or annexation were designated as Crown Colonies. The Adubi War occurred during lhgard governorship. The dual mandate is an expression of the fundamental principles of European imperialism in tropical Africa as theorized by Sir Frederick Lugardthe best known of the British colonial officers to serve in Africa.

The London Gazette Supplement. The chiefs were expected to transmit these received instructions to the indigenous people and mxndate to their implementation.

In Northern Nigeria, the revenue that allowed state development projects was less because the taxes was absent and thus funding of projects was covered from revenue generated in the south.

Secondly, he argued that Britain practiced a beneficent regime that taught Africans the value of freedom and liberty, hence their desire for independence.

In AugustLugard organised the Mandats African Frontier Force and commanded it until the end of Decemberwhen the disputes with France were settled. Although they were initially alarmed by it, the British government backed the proposal after subjecting it to considerable redrafting and it was eventually enacted.

Africans and Britons in the Age of Empires,