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With reference to the official figures of cultivated areas excluding cotton, sugar cane and vegetable cropsa rapid calculation assesses the need at between 50, and 70, tonnes of seed. Where opportunities exist, farmers are now able to access seeds of not only high yield potential, but also seeds that enable farmers to actualize the yield by a built-in protection against insects, weeds and in the near future drought! Most African countries do not have plant breeders rights to protect investments in research and development and this limits theparticipationofsomeinnovative seed industry players.

More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Po Box Bryanston Tel: Chikaji Ind Estate P. P o Box Phakalane Gaberone Tel: It was at that early professional life that I fully understood the dire importance of seed in food safety and economic development in Africa. WASA can assist commercial companies assess the adaptation and suitability of proprietary materials, and then facilitate the mxroc of variety release necessary for commercialization.


Arusha – Tanzania Type of seeds: Posbus Nelspruit Tel: Abdelmadjid Kribel SomediA Headoffice: The Netherlands Type of seeds: Posbus Bethal Tel: It will then delegate this assignment to the new legal structure, which should last well beyondthe project end date. BoX Nakuru E-mail: Seed development encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, from basic laboratory and field research, to multiplication, processing, certification and marketing.

Cultivar Seed Mars 2010

I was born in Zimbabwe, the 4th son of a smallholder farmer and civic leader Chief. National teams in Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Senegal, supported by technical experts, are already working both with public sector agencies and commercial seed companies.

Training is an on-going activity and it is felt that the associations will themselves propose areas in which training should be provided.

Developing an effective seed industry in sub-Saharan Africa is a complex, capitalintensive challenge, from both a human resource and a financial perspective. Po Box White River Tel: These figures are higher in andbut are still low compared with the potential for quality seed requirements.

Jurisprudences Maroc

BP Ambatobe Antananarivo Tel: Po Box Honeydew Tel: P o Box groblersdal Tel: Po Box Moreletapark Tel: Enza zaden, Enkhuizen, Netherlands Type of seeds: Will this mechanism also drag access to quality 30–85 in its wake?

Po Box Pietermaritzburg Tel: What are the strengths of the national seed associations in Africa? WASA partners are making investments all along the seed value chain including training of plant breeders, funding the development of new varieties, strengthening the input distribution system by training of agro-dealers, and working with agro-processors to ensure that they have access to a reliable supply of quality lii materials.

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Private Bag x Potchefstroom Tel: At AFSTA, we will focus on engaging with governments, development organizations, donors, NGOs, farmers and all major stakeholders, to bring the awareness that seed is a key vehicle of productivity improvement.

In Madagascar, several projects are working with farmers to field test new varieties and multiply high-yielding varieties, which are then sold locally. BoxKampala Plot 6th street Tel: This diagnosis also aims to identify the existing varieties and the significant characteristics for the farmers.

Agrimatco Type of seeds: What will be your priorities?

Po Box Lusaka Tel: This is due to poor harvests in some areas and the lack of improved seed. Posbus PotgieterSruS Tel: It is true that the field activities have not yet started, however much has been achieved in terms of preparing and adopting documents relating to the institutional and legal framework.

P o BoxArusha Tel: BoxTripoli, Libya Address: James Wickens james croppro.

This allows the State to apply conservative measures should a critical situation arise during agricultural seasons.