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Ljbro sensation it does, even perhaps a needed one, but Here, though, be an alternative ending: Yes, there could have been better ways to break through the barriers of these taboo subjects, but I think Roche is successful in treating these subjects as everyday occurances – though perhaps in a rather exagerrated fashion.

It’s about our relationship with our environment, and our relationship with our past, and leaving that past behind. However, while you are reading it, your mind will wander among all of the other things it could be reading – books where language is beautiful; books that are written by authors who, instead of hauling out the thesaurus when they’ve run out of ways to talk about their character’s assholes, never even bring them up; books where the story, though perhaps at times harrowing, is ultimately worthwhile, one that will stay with you throughout your life, and mean different things to you as you age.

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Another one of them abouts women who only act up because they are lonesome something fearsome and have issues.

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She stops short of coprophagia, even though she chatlotte c We compulsively hide from one another the tiny disgusting things our bodies continuously do, as if we aren’t bags of blood and mucous and decomposing food and fecal material. When I wasn’t bored, I was annoyed. I’m not against a loathsome lead — heck, I just finished a great book about a pedophile — but I am against a loathsome lead that is this contrived.

I also don’t want to know what you stick in yourself or what you might eat that happens to come out of your body. As to the beginning: This goes double if you are sad. View all 3 comments.

According to her, we are all slaves of hygiene This book featured on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine and I got it because I was morbidly attracted to the controversy and cringing sickness that the review highlighted.

The only women who defy this seem to be the lesbians. To distract herself, the precocious teen begins to explore her body, recounting her sexual encounters and ruminate on her parents’ divorce.

So I wanted to write about the ugly parts of the human body. I loved parts of this. Email required Address never made public. Roche tried to add depth by incorporating family drama, but never explored that idea fully, so we’re left with a messy plot that’s just pure, exaggerated tragedy. Well, that probably means you aren’t a feminist. I opened ‘Wetlands’ expecting something terrible.

It’s been a while since I’ve read anything I wanted to end so badly and I am surely not looking back. Meiner Meinung ein Buch mit einem unglaublich hohen verschenktem Potenzial. I wasn’t so appalled at the sexual explicitness of it there really isn’t that muchbut more at the explicit grossness of it. I thought it was honest, I thought it was funny, I thought it was sad.


It disgusted me and made me momentarily uncomfortable in my own body even though I’ve spent years attempting to simultaneously become jaded to revolting topics and to accept my physicality. Why didn’t we ever see Laura do that in ‘Little House on the Prairie?

Charlotte Roche: Feuchtgebiete (2008)

Why are you so terrified of your own body and its functions? Eiterpickel,Popel, Smegma, Mitesser, Blutkrusten usw… bitte nicht entsorgen sondern oral recyceln.

It has a lot of downfalls. And your kids are not perfect.


Feuchtgebiete by Charlotte Roche. Helen is shocking for shocking sake. You will not want anything to enter your body in any capacity while you are reading this book. Lists with This Book. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Those hygiene-crazed folks out there who use toilet seat covers and who use a paper towel to turn the handle of public restroom huemdas had better not read this book.