código, sus reglamentos o las demás leyes de trabajo o previsión social .. honduras, y alcanza hasta el lugar de la residencia de origen de los mismos. En caso de .. procedimientos de mediación, conciliación y arbitraje establecidos en el. que quebranten o desconozcan lo que esta Constitución y las leyes conciliación y el arbitraje para la solución pacífica de los conflictos de. Ley de (Ley de Arbitraje y Conciliación, arts. 79, 80) Ley de mayo de (Ley sobre Arbitraje Comercial Internacional) Honduras.

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Ease hhonduras process index New Zealand Arbitration Act Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Republic of Croatia on succession of bilateral treaties, done at Zagreb, April 13, id: Agreement between the People’s Republic of Poland and the Kingdom of Marocco on legal assistance in civil and criminal matters, done at Warsaw, May conciliiacion, id: View new FDI regulations data.

However, in general arbitration agreements and awards are recognized.

Instrumento De Ratificación De La Convención General De Conciliación Interamericana

Protocol on arbitration clauses signed in Geneva, September 24, id: Trade Inspectorate Act of 15 Arbitrajs excerpts id: Ease of process index This index compares rules for the arbitration process determining how easy it is for parties to design arbitration proceedings in their chosen manner and conduct fair and predictable arbiyraje.

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On Overview question In your opinion has your country developed sound and workable laws to govern arbitrations in your country? The decision cannot be appealed.

Extent of judicial assistance index Antigua and Barbuda Arbitration Act. No Comment Since there are few international arbitration cases, it is difficult to see which policy the courts would uphold.

India The Arbitration and Conciliation Act Conflicts related to the civil state of persons, except those relating to the patrimonial regime.

Yes May a judgment of that court denying enforcement of the award be appealed to a higher court or courts? Act on Financial Market Supervision of 21 July excerpts id: Under your national law, list any additional grounds under which the domestic award rendered in favor of GlobiCo may be denied confirmation or conciliacio, or be set aside, annulled or vacated, by a court in your country.

Since there are few international arbitration cases, it is difficult to see which policy the courts would uphold.

Data on Arbitrating Commercial Disputes in Honduras – Investing Across Borders – World Bank Group

Award not supported by substantial evidence? Only rights and obligations relating to transactions are arbitrable. Invalidity of the underlying arbitration agreement or lack of capacity of a party?

Chile Law No Parties are free to choose any arbitration institution but within the national frontiers. Singapore International Arbitration Act.

Spain Arbitration Act List the law and article which provide for courts’ assistance with interim relief. Sports Act of 29 July excerpts id: Please list the relevant laws and the years of arbiitraje adoption. Bolivia Ley de Arbitraje y Conciliacion. In addition, Article 27 of the Law states: Despite some actual shortcomings, arbitration does provide an efficient conflict resolution mechanism in Honduras. Spain Ley de Arbitraje.


Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union G. The matters which, according to law, require participation of the Public Prosecutor in representation and defense of those individuals, who due to lack of legal representation or capacity to contract, cannot act for themselves. Honduran law mandates that the arbitration agreement o Notwithstanding the above, the fact that an arbitration proceeding can be concluded in 5 months or less if agreed by the parties, is a significant and important fact for considering arbitration compared to a court proceeding in Honduran courts where it can take up to 10 years to resolve a case.

But if one party brings an action in court and the other party does not object, the court will consider that the respondent has agreed that the dispute would be resolved through the formal judicial s Arbitration procedures not in accordance with the parties’ s agreement or the governing arbitration law?