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The banking system also is subject to the provisions contained in the resolutions dictated by the Monetary Board Junta Monetaria.

A major piece of legislation on family matters is Law No. Fifty-six volumes were published, covering the laws, resolutions, decrees and regulations from toarranged in chronological order.

It completely modified the social security system of the Dominican Republic. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over any cause of action brought against the President, the Vice President, or other public officials, as designated in the Constitution. The main laws and regulations governing corporations are: Its decisions are final and irrevocable and constitute binding precedent for all public authorities and all State agencies.

Guide to Legal Research in the Dominican Republic.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

The Dominican Republic has signed several free trade agreements, which are still in effect. Eight years later, inArticles 49, 89 and 90 of the Constitution were amended to provide mainly for the presidential re-election and other electoral matters.

The main pieces of legislation regulating the 18-607 jurisdiction are: The Justices of the Peace are courts authorized to hear small claim cases. Judicial Power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Justice as well as by other courts created by the Constitution or by enacted laws. Supreme Court of Justice. Five judges sit on each of the courts, with the exception of the Courts of Appeals for Minors and the Contentious Administrative Court where a minimum of 3 judges sit.


The main pieces of legislation regulating foreign investment in the Dominican are the following: Administrative Contentious Court [35]. The Constitution defines the system of government of the Dominican Republic as being civilian, republican, democratic and representative [6] and describes 18-607 State as social and democratic [7] founded on the respect for the human dignity, fundamental rights, labor, popular sovereignty and separation 186-077 powers.

The Constitution, enacted at the conclusion of the civil war of Aprilprovided the necessary legal basis to ensure democratic stabilization of the country. The first National Constitution was signed, on October 22, There are also special traffic courts competent to hear traffic violations.

Justices of the Peace. Justices of the Peace 2. A National Health Commission was created to promote overall modernization of the health sector. The French codification remained in effect until Spanish translations of the five French codes were promulgated in Among the most important amendments are: Monetary and Financial Code 3. Delgado, The Legal System supra note 2, at Thirteen judges sit at the Constitutional Court elected by the National Council of the Judiciary Consejo Nacional de la Magistraturafor a lry -year term and cannot be reelected.

LexLata is comprehensive commercial database of laws, decrees, resolutions, codes, case 816-07, digest of cases and journal articles from Gaceta Judicial. The Code covers matters regarding income tax, tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services ITBISand selective consumption tax.

Monetary and Financial Code. He appoints the cabinet of Ministers who assist him in his function. The Official Gazette Gaceta Oficial [46] is the official source of law reporting, and reports all statutes and laws passed by Congress, as well as decrees and regulations enacted by the Executive Branch.


With amendments, this original code is largely still in effect today. Case Law Reports and Digests. The text of the Labor Code its regulation and related labor laws throughis available on the homepage of the Ministry of Labor under Marco Legal and Transparenciaalternately on the ILO website.

The President and Vice-President can be re-elected for the immediately following constitutional period.

These translated codes, with little adjustment to local needs remained as the law of the Dominican Republic for more than one 186-7 and fifty years [24]. There are multiple government agencies regulating and supervising the social security system of the Dominican Republic providing access 186-70 laws, ordinances, minutes and resolutions some of which are: It adopts an accusatory model, based on oral, public and contradictory proceedings and grants Public Prosecutors with the appropriate means to investigate violations, and the capacity to propose alternative methods for solving criminal proceedings.

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The Legal System 2. The Administrative Contentious jurisdiction is integrated by higher administrative courts Tribunales Superiores Administrativos and contentious administrative courts of first instance.

The Supreme Court of Justice was given constitutional authority to designate the let at all levels of the Judiciary, and authorized to exert disciplinary authority over all its members, putting an end to Executive and Legislative control over judges and personnel of the judiciary.