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TRAFFIC, a strategic alliance of WWF and IUCN, the International Union for the .. Find out Few Benefits of Liver Detox Diet The liver works as the human physique’s pure filtering system, processing Lei federal The forest legislation can be understood as a set of laws governing the relations supervisory actions of the body, led to publication of the Law 11,/ of , e , de 22 de dezembro de ; revoga as Leis nos , de

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Many logging centers are located along the southern and western edges of the region. Although this work was reviewed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and approved for publication, it may not necessarily reflect official agency policy. In 206 mathematical terms, In this formulation, represents mutually exclusive land use alternatives for each stand.

There are commercial species which, for simplification, we categorize into timber value classes, denoted by. Represented by 3the total volume annually harvested and directed toward a given center cannot exceed the milling capacity for each logging centerin m 3. Alternatively, the planner can impose a minimum score to be achieved for a given land use by assigning different weights for each land leii.

For this reason, the objective function maximizes profits while taking land use constraints into account. Inthe Brazilian Forest Service SFB concluded the first inventory of public lands, a starting point for detailed land use planning within public forests.

The importance of this study dw demonstrated in two ways. NPV decreased with an increase in the number of stands dedicated to communities. Figure 6 displays marginal opportunity cost MOC curves, which represent the cost of increasing one more percent of land use or one more point of cumulative score within FSF. We simulated the production possibility frontier PPF and investigated the tradeoffs among different land uses for three scenarios using existing logging centers and also when the centers move to cities closer to FSF: The same explanation given ldi the NPV curves in the last section is valid in explaining why MOCs for community use are larger than MOCs for biodiversity conservation since areas with potential lej community use in the case of FSF are located near to roads and rivers and have higher profitability for logging.

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View at Google Scholar R. Baraloto for comments and suggestions. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts.

Equation 1 is then modified and the objective of the program becomes maximizing profits from concessions constrained by a minimum number of stands—or a minimum score—assigned to 206 land uses.

In the second set of simulations, we assume that sawmills move into 14 urban centers close to the forest which currently have no sawmills, assuming new mills would be built to better take advantage re the legal timber supply from FSF.

Figures 5 c and 5 d show the frontier by applying differentiated weights for stands under these alternative uses, respectively, for community use and biodiversity conservation, using as a starting point the same NPV in the UL scenario. This map was used to identify areas within the FSF with high potential in the first scenario simulated and to 5 in the second for biodiversity conservation. We also assigned an increasing gradient of weights from 1 to 5 for biodiversity conservation as one moves from the western to eastern portions of FSF, since the eastern portion of the forest contains higher biodiversity, according to the ISA biodiversity priority map.

lei de pdf file

Figures 2 and 3 show what happens to the number of stands assigned for logging and harvested volume when logging is performed by firms located in the current logging centers Figures 2 a and 3 a and if mills move to closer cities Figures 3 a and 3 b.

The experience across other countries shows that this assumption is extremely optimistic as governments have generally captured only a small proportion of the total rents [ 2829 ].

While generating optimal land use configurations, the model enables an assessment of the market and nonmarket tradeoffs associated with different land use priorities.

FSF is covered by dense forests and displays little evidence of use and human oei in the extreme eastern and southern portions [ 14 ]. Table of Contents Alerts. These estimates assume that the government is able to fully capture rents. The authors are also grateful to two anonymous reviewers for their valuable recommendations.

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The curves traced out mainly Figures 5 a and 5 b due to the similar comparative scale are useful to assess the effects of nonlogging land use alternatives over the NPV generated by logging. The Brazilian government estimates that up to 13 million ha of forest concessions could be established within the first 10 years of implementation of the Public Forest Management Law PMFL.

Figure 6 b shows the same results for areas assigned to biodiversity conservation.

lei 11284 de 2006 pdf file

In this section, we report a series of results from the model applied to FSF. From this database, we used interviews from the Calha Norte and surrounding centers. We drew upon previous efforts to estimate the spatially explicit profitability of logging [ 15 — 17 ]. The volume harvested is constrained by the available merchantable timber volume in the forest and the milling capacity of the logging centers surrounding the public forest.

It is important to note that, because of data limitations, prices and costs are assumed to be constant throughout the analysis, even though regional and local timber markets will be affected if large quantities of legal timber become available. Areas forbidden for logging were assigned for harvesting in the model. In the case of FSF, the decrease in the NPV caused by an increase in the proportion of the State Forest dedicated to community use is larger than the decrease caused by biodiversity conservation, ceteris paribus.

For the largest problem that includes all land uses, the model solves for 13, continuous variables and binary variableswith 14, constraints. These opportunity costs are 206 uniform across every management decision. We currently do not have sufficient data to estimate economic returns to nonlogging land uses. Second, it can be used to estimate the revenues that can be generated from concessions and the taxes that can be collected by government through a nondistortionary royalty mechanism.

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