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The boom gate is operated with a telephone dial and have red lights. Opposite the guard house is a small traffic light to control incoming traffic. The container crane build starts of with the rails that allow a trolley to move horizontally between the crane and the ship. This was a well designed set and the whole city port idea was great.

Instructions for 6542-1 – Launch & Load Seaport

However, overall this is a great set worthy of remake as a legend set. The port is highly efficient and well equipped with its own pilot, container crane, docks, security pego on-site container delivery and storage.

The pilot boat’s captain is using the same torso as the ship’s captain, but he is wearing a life jacket. The shipping cost was nil since my friend was able to collect it from the seller in Singapore.

Instructions for – Launch & Load Seaport |

Second set to have more than pieces when released in A great design consideration when TLG designed the trailer is to allow both the rear wheels to touch the ground even when the trailer is lifted or when it is going up the steep ramp of the dock.


After waiting almost 2 decades, my dream set has finally arrive! I have made a simple video to show how the container lfgo loads and unloads containers leho the ship to a waiting trailer and vice versa. The trailer meanwhile is also 4 stud wide.

The project shall equip strategic Lego Towns with its own seaport where each seaport complex shall have 2 sections; a Launch and Load Seaport to deal with standard 4×8 stud containers and an Intercoastal Seaport for oversized containers or goods. The top of the bridge can be opened to allow the placement of minifigures into the bridge.

Some of the steps will require lots of similar individual bricks to create the hull of the ship. Completed set Forklift The forklift in this set is a 4 stud vehicle with 4 large tires and a spring operated forklift.

LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set 6542 Instructions

One of the containers carries a large V8 engine Modification to the crane is required if one is to try lifting a 4×12 or 4×16 containers found in other sets. A view of the dock without the large container crane.

Thanks Paanjang16 for your awesome review. I own the Intercoastal Seaport and I would love to have this set too in my collection.

REVIEW: Launch and Load Seaport – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums

From the left; a police officer, the ship’s captain, the pilot boat’s captain, the ship’s first mate and 3 dock workers in black, blue and red instructuons. Below are the build sequence for the forklift, trailer, pilot ship, the large red ship and the container crane.


I don’t really like the newer ships with the one huge floating base no need in my idea to have a floating LEGO boat as you can’t 6452 use it anywhere.

Like its real-life counterpart, the trailer can carry either 2 nos of 4×8 stud container 2 nos of TEUs or 1 nos of 4×16 stud container 1 nos of Forty-foot container or FEU.

Trailer In the instructions the prime mover is build first followed by the trailer. Rail networks were already stretch thin and some towns are hampered by extremely hilly terrain which prohibits the building of rail networks. When not in use, the hook is placed next to the pulley. A typical scene when a container ship is berth at the port. The roof have a siren and a long red antenna. Posted February 25, edited.

Great Job with the review, it was one of the best i’ve read. At the intersection of the dock are warning signs and directional arrows to guide vehicles around the dock.

Once the rails is complete, the pulley and gearing mechanism in the cab is built.