A New York Times bestseller when it appeared in , Roger Penrose’s The En este “Las sombras de la mente” se sigue prácticamente con un punto y. Buy Las sombras de la mente: hacia una comprensión científica de la consciencia by Roger Penrose, Javier García Sanz (ISBN: ) from . : Las sombras de la mente () by Roger Penrose and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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He is renowned for his work sokbras mathematical physics, in particular his contributions to general relativity and cosmology. In addition to providing a supportive structure for lx cell, the known functions of the microtubules include transport of molecules, including neurotransmitter molecules bound for the synapsesand control of the cell’s movement, growth and shape.

The book is clearly divided in two parts, The first part is a proof that traditional Physics is not adequate to explain consciousness. There, I just saved you a lot of reading time. He then goes on to describe where in the context of the human brain these sorts of quantum interactions might be occuring that allows our minds to work non-computaionally spoiler alert: Someimtes you wonder why they refuse to see what’s in front of their noses cf.

When he wrote his first consciousness book, The Emperor’s New Mind inPenrose sombrad a detailed proposal for how such quantum processes could be implemented in the brain. Mar 21, Ronen rated it really liked it Shelves: As far as microtubules — clearly highly speculative but Penrose says so himself at the jente, so I suppose you can take it or leave it.

So why 4 stars?

The only real redeeming quality of this book is that it presents some interesting proofs regarding turing machines and problems that they can’t solve. This section needs expansion.

Hearing Penrose at Hay in resurfaced it only for it again nearly to succumb to the plate tectonics of my brain and slip under the continent of my consciousness due to another set of events I began to think there might be a quantum superpostion followed by a collapse of possibilites each time I encountered Professor Penrose since both times relocation to a different part of Britain followed shortly after Anyway this time I bought the book knowing that if it was sitting on my shelves it would keep presenting itself to my notice until I read it.


This book’s value is in exploring the question of the nature of consciousness and in dismissing the easy answers. Hidden in Plain Sight. I know a good deal of physics for an amateur and required a couple of other scientists to understand everything which was being said.

Roger Penrose

A gallop through QM and its difficulties was a bit masochistic but I did enjoy it. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is a page-turner though I mostly, skipped the maths kente for the person with a serious drive to understand consciousness and the mind, this would be one of your text books.

Works by Roger Penrose. Penrose theorises that the wave function cannot be sustained in superposition beyond a certain energy difference between the quantum states.

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According to Searle, no mathematical function can be used to connect a known VIN with its LPN, but the process of assignment is quite simple—namely, “first come, first served”—and can be performed entirely by a computer. Think of a unicellular organism, like an amoeba.

Likewise, wave-particle duality in sub-atomic entities can hardly be called equivalent to concepts relating to the mind and the brain. The three key insights I took away were: Further, AI programs can also conclude that false statements are true, so error is la unique to humans. But that algorithmic The argument is simple.

Oct 25, Tom Prosser rated it it was ok. He gives the barest outlines of a new approach to physics he thinks is necessary to bring Mind under the prevue of science. Penrose believes that consciousness is a manifestation of the quantum cytoskeletal state and its interplay between quantum and classical levels of activity.

Somehow this relates to G Penrose’s conclusions imply that there is a separate mental world, grounded in the physical world, and there is also another separate world, that of abstract ideas.

The origins of consciousness are either an elusive mystery or something as painfully obvious as gravity. An earlier version of the argument was given by J. The biggest consequence of this theory is that it does have one big huge effect on the immediate future of technology: Penrose proposes that this putative non-computational quantum physics that he hold as necessary for explaining conciousness must be found in the theory that will ultimate unify physics. The author’s stand, that we need new physics to understand the science of consciousnessand that this new physics he believes required is quantum physics, seems more his personal intuition read delusion if you like!


O’Connor rated it really liked it. I have now done so and it was worth penrosee page turn and brain stirring moment! Or was it the mathematical ;enrose showing that because there are mathematical statements of which we know to be absolutely true y What can I say about a book which challenged my mathematical understanding and revealed the unseen aspects of my own brain’s cytoskeletal structures?

Nov 17, Jimmy Ele rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m no authority, but I would definitely recommend taking in other views though, from the strong AI perspective Kurzweil maybe and Godel, Escher Bach by Hofstadter.

Inside neurons there is a cytoskeleton, the structure that holds cells together, whose microtubules hollow protein cylinders nanometers in diameter control the function of synapses. The situation is, in some ways, perhaps not so very unlike that which occurs with geometry.

Penrose, while more famous, does not do as well at popularizing the heady physics and mathemathics in this area as Barrow and Tipler which see elsewhere in this list. Retrieved from ” https: Penrose ultimately concludes that consciousness cannot be algorithmic, that brains are not Turing machines, and must be on a quantum level.

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Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness

When we use the term ‘arithmetic’ without further qualification, we indeed mean the ordinary arithmetic which operates with the ordinary natural numbers 0,1,2,3,4, Absolutely fascinating overview of the field and its conundrums. Hameroff’s group also suggested that the Debye layer penfose counterions could screen thermal fluctuations, and that the surrounding actin gel might enhance the ordering of water, further screening noise.

Penrose starts his argument by stating that classical Physics is dw to explain consciousness.