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At the same time it facilitated the kind of uncertainty and irregularity that went with a lingering Abstract Expressionist aesthetic, especially when the mesh got clogged with ink. Roughly stated, this argues that anything is art that museum directors and academics say it is, the job for the rest of us to supply the adulation. He never looks like this to the eye. The mesh-work of the screen together with dots of transmitted photographs gave his images the urgency and dle of wire-transmitted news shots.


He painted it just at the moment when the guns had been fired — there is smoke coming out of their muzzles — and one of the victims is falling down, fatally wounded. It was as if art had entered not just a new period, but a new kind of period, in which anything was possible.

Or the Greeks might say of course, The Trojan Women has and embodies a meaning.

The center, one might say, is everywhere. I was terribly bansle that the art world took the turn it took inor I would not have been able to write philosophically on art at all. Its function rather is to equip the reader or viewer with the information needed to respond to the work’s power which, after all, can be lost as concepts change or be inaccessible because of the outward difficulties of the work, which the received cultural equipment is insufficient to accommodate.

So Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box is a different thing from the Brillo box in the supermarket even though they look indiscernibly the same. What is this saying? After the End of Art was the result of those lectures. My favorite chapters are 4 and 5, on the aesthetics, work, interpretation, and identification of art. Danto has been criticized for his belief in duality, underlined by the Christian or Catholic figure of transfiguration, and reiterated throughout the book in his references to the body and the soul.

From Photography to Philosophy: Two Moments oF Post-Traditional Art

Although thin, this one is hefty Danto spends his time here with the question of what sets an ordinary object apart from what we generally describe as art. A Philosophy of ArtCambridge Mass. Apart from the change of question, there is a change of answer to the question, since nothing the two perceptually similar objects have in common can be part of what makes only one of them a work of art. There is no internally determined end state toward which history is moving — we have already reached and passed beyond any end state.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 20, Dec Lloyd rated it liked it. Aug 04, Lynn marked it as to-read Shelves: If, in the last analysis, the result of aesthetic responding is an attitude, a stance, then the features that helped to produce that stance can be rejected.

Danto Articoli dello stesso autore Lectio magistralis [Testo integrale]. Considering the fact that art is a primary aesthetic phaenomenon, the book fails in my opin A good book about art Danto emphasizes on visual artsfrom the view of analytic philosophy.

But whether Warhol was conscious of it or not, Danto suggests that he helped to make art and philosophy conscious that the art object could be whatever the artist wished to make use of, because it is how the art world receives it that makes that production an artwork.

This way of representing whatever he does represent is what I have in mind by style. Moreover, to a unique form of life, the only one that allows and perhaps encourages semantic deferral. In the advanced art school, students had their own studios, and the professors — artists themselves — made periodic visits, to see what was happening, and to give advice.

The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art by Arthur C. Danto

The only thing that really didn’t like is that the book is so dedicated to clarify the details of the relation between knowledge and art, that it forgets to include the aesthetic part of it. There was no photograph of the event, since that was forbidden by the Mexican authorities. Or at least it trasfigkrazione compelling as Danto’s elaborations of the problems and arguments against what art can’t be.

All the painter has left to work with now is, so to speak, a more or less opaque windowpane 1. But I was the only one interested in it who was also interested in the ontological dimension of the philosophy of history, of knowledge of action, of mind, and of religion at the same time, and where anything not bearing on this was of interest to be sure, but not of great interest ontologically speaking.

What is needed to put these two thoughts together is the recognition that photography played an operative role in the transformation of art from traditional to modern.


As of today, I have been told, there are international art events every month — biennials, triennials, art fairs. African Americans were claiming their civil rights. It does not depend on talents or any other gift but bxnale ability to learn. I was not, I admit, expecting to enjoy this book but just to learn from it. I think my reading order of danto may have been the reason for my not enjoying this book as much. Moreover, Danto bannale maintain that all art, representational or not, has been tending this way since before, but especially since, the time when a main theme of art became the investigation of itself, what some would call the onset of Modernism.

However, what I found most valuable were the examples Danto provides in his unique, creative yet extremely logical and well-founded manner.

Kory rated it it was amazing Jan 22, One thought that was going to trasfigyrazione as long as the Renaissance had lasted, but by it was over with. They are exactly gray in gray, with shadowy markings of darker gray, that had served other painters, such as Jasper Johns or Alberto Giacometti, as backgrounds against which they painted the objects or figures which carried the primary interest of their works.

Oct 10, Ann Michael rated it it was amazing.

A good book about art Danto emphasizes on visual artsfrom the view of analytic philosophy. Dec 24, Ryan rated it it was amazing. Nov 26, Jee Koh rated it really liked it. In order for the viewer to grasp the artistic intention behind the art work, the viewer must know or come to understand the meanings that the artist infused into the work. These same works, however, could encourage sexist rigidity in any reader fixated on its content.

By concentrating on several controversial artworks and giving a philosophical background, he challenges the definition of art but also provides acceptable alternatives. But that implies a paradox in its own right. Certainly, the two books share many basic premises, the autonomy of art from everyday discourse being the most basic. They could easily grasp my definition of art. They were treated with respect and even awe — Brillo boxes were exhibited on pedestals early on, for example, though in the Stable Gallery they were placed on the floor.