La conciencia de la mestiza:Towards a New Consciousness. AF. Ana Flores. Updated 31 March Transcript. Gloria Anzaldúa. “The fact that I . Gloria Anzaldua’s, “La Conciencia de la Mestiza” The chapter “Towards a New Consciousness” begins with a reference to Mexican author. La conciencia de la mestiza/towards a new consciousness: an inter-american conversation with Gloria Anzaldúa. Rev. Estud. Fem. [online]. , vol, n

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I just wish you had explained a bit more what dualistic thinking actually is. Mentioned in chapter three, “we’ve been taught that the spirit is outside our bodies or above our heads somewhere up in the sky with God” 58 so people claim to be following the word of God when they oppress queers, women who aren’t like La Virgen, and concienica skinned people who aren’t seen as pure.

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Dualistic thinking is lw there is a separation, a “this” and a “that”, a “good” and a “bad”. Juan Capilla May 26, at 8: We then would have, what Anzaldua calls, un choque or a cultural collision. In having to exam multiple points of view the mestiza develops a new sort of consciousness as she is able to or rather is forced to pick out and eliminate all the flaws in each culture to create a more twoards understanding of the world.

It is inclusive insofar as it understands identity as being beyond dualisms and Western binary constructs. I think you understood the concept of dualistic thinking and I feel like you could have elaborated a bit more to carry out your ideas more fluently.

I really enjoyed your response as I thought it explained the mestiza identity really well. Dulisting thinking is when their are two ways of thinking in one time, like a fragmented self.

Anzaldua explains that dual thinkers hold the key to end the violence rape and war because that is the creator of her very existence.

La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness | Free Essays –

Moreover, Anzaldua makes a plea for the recognition of the post-modern human. Torn somewhere in the mix between two or more histories, cultures, sets of values, and ways of being in the world, at different moments in time, la mestiza is forced to choose between them but is never quite a part of either; she is outside of culture.


She adds that at times there are dominant cultures that affect other cultures and the people within theculture. Since there are more interracial marriages, it is inevitable to have a mestiz race.

When dealing with cultural conflict the mestiza is a “creature that questions the definitions of light and dark and gives them new meanings” Amber Ramos May 26, at 3: Identities, or people rather, learn to live in all cultures and in the Borderlands by not having to choose between cultures.

I think your ideas are well supported, well explained, and relate to the text, Nicho.

Crucial to the act of defining what concifncia different groups or individuals unique is also the act of finding the sameness co-existing among these differences. This dualistic thinking can best be described as, ” a counter-stance” between two shores where, ” all reaction is limited by, and dependent on, what is is reacting against” This consciousness is all inclusive, not split in the paradigms of the Western World.

A lot of people have just become used to thinking dualistically that they don’t care what it brings. Without the acceptance of the Anglo, Spanish, and Indian blood that make up the background of the Mestiza, the term as a new mindset different from that of the dominant or indigenous, will constantly be renounced.

If it is not yet clear, this chapter is the work of a highly awakened spirit, grounded in the things of utmost importance as writers, as advocates of change, and as hopeful human beings taking responsibility.

Mestiza consciousness doesnt ignore the borders that we create, but takes takes them in and then works proactively to heal the splits between genders, cultures, and sexualities that we have created. The chicana race resembles this, a beginning of the mixture necessary to create this double consciousness.

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Conversely, this same ability of the mestiza enables her to identify with others that are different by probing and looking into boundaries that are common denominators in different cultures.

Though I had similar thoughts, the connections are well established. Short response, yet concise. How to Write a Summary of an Article?

La conciencia de la mestiza:Towards a New Consciousness by Ana Flores on Prezi

As discussed in previous blog posts the dichotomy between oppressor and oppressed is the root of all violence. That is why Anzaldua says, ” I will not be shamed again; nor will a shame myself” Anzaldua because races can be racist. If everyone was truly united there would be no group to single out and oppress. Of the Mexican-Indian difference, sameness can be found. It is safe to assume that her understanding of un choque is comprehensive considering that she recognized that the struggle for collective identity takes its root on the struggle within the self.

The actual border itself kind of helps anzaldua block everything and acts a barrier when it comes to dealing with several issues as to decide which idea to belief.

David barboza May 26, at 8: The ability to nee cultural perceptions of just belonging to one and just assimilating. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness

The merging of the mestiza culture alongside the current world brings forth a mindset that combines both perspectives to understand the conflict and better resolve. Cultures see themselves as mutually exclusive; a person cannot be a part of both at the conscikusness time.

Also, you talk about how the split occurs but about how to heal it.