What follows is the chronicle of significant events that mark the selected history of the. Koronus Expanse, as it is generally known and agreed upon by scholars. A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. An editable version of the Koronus Expanse Map (Rogue Trader) Koronus Expanse Editable PSD.

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Scavengers and obsessive hoarders, they possess a wealth of technology stolen and bartered from countless races. Beyond the partly explored regions of the Koronus Expanse, past deeps beset by pirates and dread xenos, lie many worlds and strange phenomena expqnse exists as the stuff of dark legend.

Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times : 40krpg

From crude space stations built in asteroid fields or debris clouds, numerous Ork Freebooter Kaptins lead their fleets to loot whatever they can find and fight whoever crosses their path. A few Adepts with the dark wisdom to know such things have noted that the distorted symbols they use to adorn themselves bear some similarity to the blasphemous iconography of Chaos. The surface is swept by tumultuous storms and rendered barren by ancient strip mining.

Of these the most crucial to the Ork war machine are the Mekboyz who create the weapons, armour, and vehicles used by Orks to do what they do best: The few structures that have their own stable gravity generators are highly desired prizes and are fought over by the most powerful factions, changing hands over the corpses and regrets of their prior occupants with alarming regularity.

Departmento Munitorum is the 40k equivalent of the Board of Ordnance – an 18th century British military institution.


The Accursed Demesne is a vast and uncharted region into which few have voyaged and returned. Therefore, when the previously assumed extinct aliens returned in force and retook the world, Drub was tasked with crushing them once and for all.

It is extremely difficult to navigate a course into the Foundling Worlds, even if one expansf following a charted route.

Within its vast bounds wait worlds and secrets koonus it would take generations of explorers to discover, and within these vast gulfs of the unknown and uncharted dark other things move and plan with inhuman rxpanse and soulless purposes.

One such group are the damned hosts of Iniquity, under the control of Karrad Vallthe Faceless Lord. Retrieved from ” http: They hold that Melbethe once hosted a strange xenos civilisation who sculpted black palaces of the asteroids and left vast obsidian sculptures hanging in the void.

Money-changers of the Administratum are both corrupt and busy in the Port, and the heady mix of currencies seeps outwards into the Imperial settlements of the Koronus Expanse.

The Koronus Expanse

An average Ork stands as tall as a human but is hunched with muscle and would tower over most humans if he were to stand fully upright. From the uppermost leaves of its canopy to the ground, the jungles of Burnscour are a choking mass of countless plants: What is Scintilla’s Icon supposed to represent? Other Halo Artefacts were found to possess stranger and greater powers, their unholy potency behind the rise of a number of infamous Arch-heretics. Burnscour is a Death World of roaring storms, jungles, and strange beasts.

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Some whisper that Vall was once an Adept of the Departmento Munitoriuma former tithe-master swayed and fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods, whilst others claim he was once a trusted admiral of the Imperial Navy ‘s Battlefleet Calixis. This decision is a perilous one, as it not only leaves the Outcasts more vulnerable to the thirsting nemesis of Slaanesh that has pursued the Eldar since the Fall, but also opens them to the risk of becoming consumed by their experiences and so lose themselves to darkness.

Dire forces, dead for aeons, may now stir upon blasted worlds in those distant regions, and the Warp is troubled.

They seem to care nothing for conquest or territory, abstract wealth, nor even their own species, but are driven instead by avarice and viperous petty intrigues. Retrieved from ” http: Sign In Don’t have an account?

Were such a world to be discovered, all true servants of the Emperor would destroy its people and the lie korobus its gods completely and utterly, lest its poison and lies spread.

The Expanse is accessed through the Koronus Passagea treacherous but navigable route through the great warp storms that bar passage to the Halo Expamse beyond the way station of Port Wander.

The decaying upper tomb-spires and kilometres of compacted ruins beneath contain the material echoes of a trillion souls.

Such worlds are entirely ignorant of the greater galaxy, their ancestors having lost contact with Mankind long before the coming of the Emperor and the rise of the Imperium on Terra. These caravans contain relatively few adult Stryxis, along with larger numbers of slaves, koronhs, “acquisitions,” and gene-engineered servant creatures.

This broken string of asteroids is a common hiding place for those wishing to avoid Imperial notice, and has become a meeting place for agencies of ill repute who would still chance the Koronus Passage to the Expanse. Presented here is a small selection of those things, legends ranging from the epic and world-shattering, to the tall tales of voidsmen told in dank taverns over cups of dubious liquor, and the footnotes of ancient historians whose works gather dust for generations.

Not long after Espanse was discovered, it was also found by other explorers, who believed that the primitive humans where hiding wonders of lost technology in warrens beneath the earth, built by their forgotten ancestors who first came to the world from across the stars. Hulking Kaptins emerge from time to time, cunning beasts who lead their expansse forth from Undred-Undred Teef across the Koronus Expanse in search of new loot for the clans.

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Almost all are expnse of killing any human koromus steps onto the surface of Burnscour. The Ork Freebooterz are becoming a koronhs threat to the Expanse. The Screaming Vortex is a boiling mass of warp turbulence and vortices that clash and grind against one another with unceasing fury and power, giving rise to a constant psychic wail that can be perceived by those sensitive to the flow of the warp.

The strange localised nature of the storms, and anomalies that enfold the Foundling Worlds, have led some amongst the Navigator houses to privately speculate that the region is hidden and protected by something that does not wish expanes worlds violated by human presence.

Agusia klronus almost untouched by explorers with the sole exception being a small expedition of the Disciples of Thule sect of the Adeptus Mechanicuswhich has penetrated into the catacombs beneath the icy deserts of the northern polar zone. On the rimward margins of the Calixis Sector boil vast warp storms that have since ancient times barred passage into the Halo Stars.

The possibilities of a passage through the Great Warp Storms were first recorded by Abenicus, insane Navigator of House Benetek, and have gripped the hearts and minds of Rogue Traders ever since that time.

It is not only in the hearts of hunters and reavers that the touch of the Ruinous Powers is to be found in the Koronus Expanse, for like many regions of its type, the area is host to countless worlds settled countless millennia ago and subsequently lost to humanity during the Age of Strife.

These deluded fools who become enthralled to the power of Chaos have forfeited their immortal souls, and their lives are subject to the whims of their dark masters; whether they believe it or not, they are slaves to darkness and eternally damned. Many ships have been lost trying to make passage into the Foundling Worlds, and with every craft lost, the evil reputation of the Foundling Worlds grows.

The warp space of the Koronus Expanse is treacherous and unknown in the main, and partially explored regions of the Expanse are islands of Imperial activity admist a vastness of danger and myster. This deadly sword is clearly of fine but alien craftsmanship, lightweight but stronger than any Imperial steel.

Should an Ork Freebooter Kaptin feel the need for bigger prey, the crew may descend on an inhabited world or space station, loot and burn it, and withdraw to their ships and the protection of a debris field.