View Download PDF: Book II (Études ) ( Mo) First edition – Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, n.d.[]. Plates (c-d) The Kopprasch etudes. Practically every serious student of the horn today has studied these etudes, but who exactly was Kopprasch and when were his etudes . Perhaps the oldest of the “old standard” horn etudes are the Kopprasch etudes. Back in my article on the history of the Kopprasch etudes.

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In addition, it helps to strictly observe the mezzo forte marking beginning etuded m. Sor – Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 2. As someone who picked up the horn after a year hiatus, your Kopprasch videos are invaluable. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sor – Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 1.

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They are only suggestions. French horn instruments French horn instrument department store.

Download the Original Kopprasch Etudes

What I hear is a warmer, concentrated sound, with more liquid slurs, more compact attacks, and what also seems to be less effort reflected in a more pronounced sense of musicality not that your previous efforts were not musical! As promised, here are some closing thoughts on the Kopprasch Project. The horn players in Maryland would be very grateful to have a high quality recording of 49 and 50 as they are required to play those for the All-State audition in November.


Anyway, take care and thanks again! Haydn’s String Quartets Opus Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 28 Augustat Complete Score 49 pages – 1. Corbin Wagner Equipment Used: Germany – 3 sheet music. By Amy visitor20 Apr at Again, this is not a version to take into your lesson if your teacher told you to go buy a Kopprasch book but it is kopprash sure an interesting one to look at.

I am extremely grateful to have had the time and resources necessary to complete a project of this scope, and have plans for other videos no more Kopprasch for a while, though in the future. Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Print. Another concern for me was intonation in the low range: I wrote a similar post at roughly the halfway point, which you can read here.

Kopprasch Etudes – James Boldin’s Horn World

Tips and Suggestions for the Op. The University of Michigan. If you use and like Free-scores. International Women’s Brass Conference -. It is truly amazing to have such resources at the tip of my fingertips; this was unthinkable for most of us at the time I laid down my horn so many years ago. I wrote the foreword for this publication as well. The logical place to koppraschh is after the eighth note in measure 9, but at a fast tempo it is a challenge to take a full enough breath which kopprssch last until the end of measure I have been enjoying your recordings of the Kopprasch etudes, as well as learning from them.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Yes, it is a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it. Back in my article on the history of the Kopprasch etudes was published in The Horn Calland a version of it has been online since then in Horn Articles Online in the section on the early valved hornsplit into two parts.

Public Not listed Private. One technical note is that the microphone gain was set a little too high, so there is some distortion in a few places. A link to a YouTube video of each study is included as well. University of Texas at Austin.

60 Etudes for Low-Horn, Op.6 (Kopprasch, Georg)

A knowledge of harmonic function is important, if not critical, to mastering this etude. Facebook Twitter Reddit Print Email. I also read this blog avidly. A very long post is possible to talk out the whole big topic of copyright and laws in different countries I give it a brief try in this post but this edition is certainly in the public domain everywhere.