Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Khare: Cityport of Traps [Steve Jackson] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Assuming the role of wizard or warrior . Kharé – Cityport of Traps has ratings and 12 reviews. Forrest said: , I think it was, when I picked this book up at a store called The Book Prof. Just for fun I decided to record a play session through the second book of the SORCERY! Due to request here is the continuing adventures on.

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Khare – Cityport of Traps – Part 1 | Fighting Fantasy Project

So naturally, I stepped up. Cityplrt spite of the difficulty factor, it is still a highly recommended gamebook. Having just collapsed from dancing, the logical next activity was to go and challenge the champion in the ring. I soon got my comeuppance though as I bent down get a closer look at the pool and like Bishop Brennan, I was given a good, hard kick up the arse. So this book, cityporr an easily-hideable nerd manual, was perfect.

I did have the manners to ask this time though, so I knocked first and was met by a voice telling me to come cifyport but be careful as I opened the door. Published April 7th by Wizard Books first published August 30th He gives 5 Gold Pieces to his second youngest son, 13 Gold Pieces to his eldest and 9 to the fourth youngest.

Kharé – Cityport of Traps (city)

Extensive note taking is essential. Return to Book Page. The Citadel of Chaos. No matter how hard I tried!! Leaving the pub I crossed the Jabaji River via Harbour Bridge and arrived a cltyport where I took a right turn into a square, which looks a bit like a Lowry painting in parts. A quite clearly pissed Flanker was with a couple of dubious looking friends but came over to me to share the wealth of his apparent lucky night in the gambling halls!


As a warrior relying on force of arms, or a wizard trained in magic, you must brave the terror of a city built to trap the unwary. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Patrick Witmer rated it it was amazing Jan knare, Open Preview See a Problem? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Khare, where every doorway and alley may conceal sudden danger – or unexpected help! Jonathan rated it really liked it Oct 18, I couldn’t finish this successfully!

Khare – Cityport of traps, map

I followed him over towards a large, dirty-looking hut to the left of the path and went inside. Lisa rated it it was amazing Jun 16, Finally, a way out presented graps, a bucket hang from a rope into what must have been a disused well, I climbed out of the sewer slowly, losing 2 Stamina to fatigue, but gaining 2 Luck for getting out of that vile place.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

There is just so much to take in and to remember in this book. The opponents that the player character have to fight kkhare fairly few, including a powerful Deathwraith that requires all the reserves of strength and luck of the player to beat.


All I can say is that I must have been very, very lucky indeed in the path I chose to follow, as it took me a good number of hours and several attempts this time around! I took advantage of Flankers gift and ordered myself some hot food, but as I started eating I was joined at my table by a rough-looking sailor. I went inside the tent and found a grubby, bearded man presenting a large glass cabinet to me. I had the option of checking out the cittport, the dancing bear or a ring where men were betting on fights.

One of the less exotic situations Fighting Fantasy has put me in, I must say. It turns out that the innkeeper is something of an utter ihare and in my sleep had trussed me up in some sort of trap. Un passo avanti rispetto al precedente racconto. Caverns of the Snow Witch.

The Shamutanti Hills Next Book: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need for this adventure — YOU decide which paths to take, which dangers to risk and which monsters to fight. A Luck roll allowed me to influence my fo to be a decent one, as apparently there is a lot of crap in there and so I managed to come out with a dwarf-bone bracelet which I can use to cast an illusion spell with.