Entitled Junkie: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict and authored pseudonymously by “William Lee” (Burroughs’ mother’s maiden. Junkie by William Lee – book cover, description, publication history. Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict (Junky) A novel by William Lee ( William S. New York: Ace Books, No. D First Edition, a paperback original. INSCRIBED by Burroughs, once on the title page of Junkie: For Allen De Loach / With.

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His descriptions of the “junk territories” his alter ego inhabits are, in fact, depictions of urban alienation itself.

William Burroughs – the original Junkie

Post Office Charles Bukowski. Certainly, the hypothesis of murderous impulsiveness squares better with the impromptu “William Tell act” whereby he called upon Vollmer to place a glass upon her head, which he would then shoot off than his own bewilderment in the face of an act of such cruel stupidity and fatal rashness.

And just as in these areas junk is “a ghost in daylight on a crowded street”, so his junkie characters – who are invariably described as “invisible”, “dematerialized” and “boneless” – are, like the pseudonymous “William Lee” himself, the sentient residue left behind when the soul has been cooked up and injected into space.

The two-books-in-one format was not uncommon in s America, but besides the obvious similarity in subject matter, AA Wyn, Burroughs’ publisher, felt cknfessions he had to balance such an unapologetic account of drug addiction with an abridgement of the memoirs of a Federal Bureau of Narcotics agent, which originally appeared in The definitive text of ‘Junk’ Finished reading: There has never been a criminal confession better calculated to discourage imitiation by thrilling hungry teen-agers.

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Ace published no hardcover books, only cheap paperbacks, which sold for very little; Burroughs confessons less than a cent royalty on each purchase.

The meat of the text of Junky is as close as Burroughs could get to a factual account of his own experience of heroin. Naked Lunch William S Burroughs. Surely only one for whom alienation, ocnfessions a lack of either moral or spiritual direction, was inbuilt.

But this is more than the story of a drug addict. The Penguin Modern Classics edition of Junky. He also signed his letters to Ginsberg, Kerouac et al with his nom de plume, as well as using his correspondence as a form of work in progress, peppering his epistles to the Beats with his trademark riffs and routines.

According to the original introduction Burroughs had written Junky with the intention to enlighten readers about the true life of “junk user” and separating “junk” from the mystery surrounding it.

The Penguin edition also includes an appreciation of Junky written by Alan Ginsbergbesides a glossary, letters and excerpts which were cut from the original manuscript, such as a long passage about Wilhelm Reich ‘s theory of “orgones”, etc in six appendices. I was cooking up a shot two days after I’d connected with Old Ike. With Junkyalso spelled JunkieWilliam S. Janus-faced, and like some terminally cadaverous butler, Burroughs ushers in the new society of kicks for insight as well as kicks’ sake.

We realized that here was a document which could forearm the public more effectively than anything yet printed about the drug menace. Burroughs chose to use the pseudonym “William Lee”, Lee being his mother’s maiden name, for the writing credit.

Burroughspublished initially under the pseudonym William Lee in Yet, were De Quincey wrote in the vein of dream-phantasy, ‘Junkie’ is pitilessly factual and hard-boiled. Personally, I think Burroughs’ definition of “possession” was tantamount to an admission of intent.


Having secured the publisher’s interest, Ginsberg forced Burroughs to revisit the text.

Junkie: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict | work by Burroughs |

Literary Centennials 47 members messages You must be a member of this group to post. The picture it connfessions of a sordid netherworld was all the more horrifying for being so authentic in language and point of view.

In a letter to Allen Ginsberg who had worried that the book constituted a justification of Burroughs’ addictionhe inveighed: Retrieved from ” https: Show 25 25 50 All. The Last Beat William S.

Queerthe companion piece to Junkiewas written at the same time and parts of it were designed to be included in Junkiesince the first manuscript was confrssions as poorly written and lacking in interest and insight. We watch their hidden gestures, we see them as they ‘cop the stuff. An open homosexual and a drug addict, his quintessentially Midwestern libertarianism led him to eschew any command economy of ethics, while his personal inclinations meant he had to travel with distastefully socialist and liberal fellows.

Burroughs took up the task with little enthusiasm. The definitive text of ‘Junk’ was Burroughs ‘ official debut in The Dharma Bums Jack Kerouac. Touchstones Works Junky by William S. Throughout, there are flashes of Burroughs’s fierce originality, acutely graphic description, and agonizingly candid confessions: There were confessinos in the room.