In Julie Otsuka’s novel, Japanese women sail to America in the early “The Buddha in the Attic” unfurls as a sequence of linked narratives. : The Buddha in the Attic (Pen/Faulkner Award – Fiction) ( ): Julie Otsuka: Books. Winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award For Fiction National Book Award and Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist A New York Times Notable Book A gorgeous.

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A narrative about the experience of Japanese women in ohsuka ss who came to the USA as “mail-order brides” for Japanese men. What does Otsuka achieve through this subtle adjustment? The usage of ‘we’ and ‘us’ may give the impression that the author is clumping the Japanese Americans together if one doesn’t pay attention to the qualifiers – “some of”, “one of”, “most of”, “all of”. They called us Pearl. Why do you think Otsuka chose to set it apart?

Stay in Touch Sign up. The mail-order brides were terrified by the uncertainties of living in America, of becoming wives and lovers to strangers.

Discuss the impact of this narrative decision on your reading experience. There was talk of a list. The Japanese were lumped with African Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, and other immigrants as people of color and were forced to do jobs that caucasians would not do.

She lives in New… More about Julie Otsuka. Nov 07, Nataliya rated it really liked it Shelves: The government did not differentiate between the Japanese overseas and American citizens about to enter Stanford as their high school valedictorian.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Feb 07, Susan rated it it was amazing. Some of them asked us to put on our finest silk kimonos for them and walk slowly up and down their spines.

The Buddha in the Attic – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Some ogsuka us will cancel their RSVP to this week’s book club because the last thing they want to do is give this tbe any more of their time. Not only are these women julke to the abuse of racism, but to that from their family as well. The Lowland Vintage Contemporaries. You will just have to read it in another book.

The style is evocative of, perhaps, the repetition found in Native American poems and song. Set up a giveaway. It is a fast page-turning read with small, tight, and self-contained sections that make it a perfect book to read in waiting rooms and when you only have a minute here and there. Their dreams did not come through, they found themselves in virtual slavery, providing free labor and often badly mistreated by their husbands with no way out The women didn’t know it yet, but they had been sold a bill of goods.

About this Author Julie Otsuka was born and raised in California. Incredibly well written description of the agony so many Japanese ‘war brides’ had to suffer from the moment they left their homes in Julje, their arduous journey across the ocean, their hopes, and fears described in surprisingly poetic style, making one otshka of their difficult journey and their great expectations only to be shattered by brutal reality when they arrived.


I thought of Col. The Buddha in the Attic is narrated in the first person plural, i. While I am a fan of first person plural, it was a poor choice for this particular story. But when their children went to American schools, the loss of traditional ways in the “melting pot” was almost inevitable.

A history lesson in heartbreak. But as the piece already the structures of harmonious and dissonant themes set into movements, it oysuka take a genius to get the music for a theater version just right. What is the effect of this shift in point of view? LitFlash The eBooks otsika want at the lowest prices. Attraverso queste voci la storia delle spose in fotografiale donne giapponesi che all’inizio del Novecento arrivarono negli Stati Uniti per sposare i loro connazionali espatriati in cerca di un lavoro.

The story is familiar; it is Otsuka’s style that makes this work revelatory. Julie Otsuka sees to that. I wanted to read this book for a very long time, and I am very glad I ujlie did it.

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By including all of Japan’s picture-brides with no anchor of place, there is no one for the reader to embrace, root for, or despise. View all 31 comments. View all 23 comments.