This tutorial teaches JSP by progressing from very simple examples to complex examples. Advanced learners may want to do a quick review of the introductory. JSP – This technology is used to create dynamic web application same like Servlet technology Before learning of this tutorial you must be knowledge of Servlet. This tutorial introduces the fundamentals of JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology version and provides an update to the original tutorial.

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A second set of XML-compliant tag with a prefix of ” jsp ” is defined as follows: The page parameter specifies to which resource the request should be re directed.

Introduction to JavaServer Pages

Directing the document type declaration to output uttorial interpreting it is useful in situations when another system receiving the output expects to see it.

A map of all application initialization parameter values wherein each parameter is mapped to a single String value. A value of true or yes omits the XML declaration. Notice in this example that jsp: This is a standalone tag without body content.

The good news is that the default values for all of the page directive attributes are quite reasonable, and you will rarely need to change them.

This is because the blockquote element overlaps with other elements in the example. That is when scriptlets come into play.

For example, the following JSP with scriptlets is hard to write, and equally hard to read:. A boolean, true if result set is limited by maxRows attribute. You can use session ‘s attributes to pass information between pages within this session, via methods getAttribute “name” and setAttribute “name”, object.


For example, the code below uses out object to print “Example of out implicit object” on the JSP:. It is a short name intended to be displayed by tools. It is implementation-dependent, and tutorjal should use it with caution. This is done to simplify validation. First create a mspx ” hellojsp ” under ” webapps “.

It is geared toward looking up objects and their properties, and performing simple operations on them; it is not a programming language or even a scripting language as it lacks programming constructs. Let’s discuss a simple example that displays the total premium for an automobile insurance policy. You can confirm this by viewing the HTML source for the live demo.

The earlier example uses getJspContext. Hello hutorial JDeveloper developer! These are the important ones: However, many other technologies are now competing for a foothold in this arena.

This element has no attributes, and its body is the program fragment that constitutes the scriptlet.

The bean will be good only within the defining JSP and will be recreated for each new request. Another page, often included, forces users to log in before they have access to a page’s content.

Next, your JSP displays a greeting, but with a twist. The prefix attribute tells the JSP container that you will use jdg: Political and legal battles within the software industry have resulted in a situation where the JVM built into a browser is often outdated.

JSP Tutorial

As discussed above, tutoriall use [] and. Create a new bean instance. The uri attribute tells the JSP container where to find the taglib definition. Instead of implementing the SimpleTag interface, you could extend the adaptor class SimpleTagSupportwhich provides default implementation to all the abstract methods, and override the desired methods as in the earlier example.


This attribute tutoriql the scripting language to be used in the scriptlets, expressions, and declarations within the body of the translation unit the JSP and any files included using the include directive described later. All references to the object are released after the associated session ends. A plain URI that is a unique identifier for the tag library. The page translation tutorrial is usually performed the first time a given JSP is requested and only when that page’s source code changes thereafter.

Sets the value of a variable in the chosen scope; or remove a variable. Check the console message to confirm that hellojsp has been deployed:. Those elements that are not compliant are summarized in Table along with the equivalent elements in XML syntax.

It implements Serializable interface, so that its state can be stored and retrieved to and from external storage, for persistent. The standard syntax version is as follows:. Here is an example of a taglib directive:. Instead, we could define a custom DATE tag, which might look like this:.

JavaServer Pages (JSP) – A Tutorial

You’ll rarely use this object. Per the JSP 2. You can also use EL expressions with jsp: In particular, if the request is forwarded to a resource in the same runtime, the object is still reachable.