When I asked Tor editor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, what “Untitled John Scalzi” was , he swore me to secrecy. John had been writing a book. Wired: Your new novel is called Redshirts. What’s it about? John Scalzi: “ Redshirts” is a concept that goes back to the original Star Trek series. More accurately, the book Redshirts is not just a novel. .. I was going to have him sign eight times–once for each John Scalzi book in my Nook.

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It’s not even in the top three. Aug 09, Brent rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is almost like picking out a slightly different book and I have no idea how to talk about them without spoiling so click at your own risk. Want to Read saving…. This is a great vacation from hard sci-fi and simply from tough or serious books. The biggest epiphany experienced by Nick Weinstein, head writer for the awful show The Chronicles of the Intrepid one strike for plausibility: Sutton rated it liked it.

Jul 10, seak rated it liked it Shelves: Read reviews that mention science fiction john scalzi old man mans war galaxy quest away missions redshirts crew members redshirt universal union wil wheaton andrew dahl away mission main story fun read hugo award well written fourth wall really enjoyed trek fan.

Redshirts (novel) – Wikipedia

View all 7 comments. I liked how they gradually pieced things together.

White Slan by A. I think it is going to be fun. Most of the book is a satire, a little on the superficial side and very snappy-dialogue-driven. I know so many times “light” and “fun” come off in the pejorative, but I rarely mean it that way. The book was published by Tor Books in June Okay, this did it for me.


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And of course, we have the issue of returning back from the dead. And I loved the Star Trek Intrepid crew.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. June 14, redzhirts I like Stephenson so most likely it is just my taste in books in general. Yeah, I really liked that, too.

If you want to go down a level and read it as a surreal meditation on character and genre like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Deadthis is your book. Oddly though, I loved the 3 codas at the end.

But I really like sdalzi idea of this format and look forward to seeing how it works structurally, as well as in terms of a satisfying johhn. My boyfriend still knows what I’m referring to when I say that.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts – Whatever

It’s sort of an odd read as it almost travels in an descending arc. I love a complex plot, great character I’ve been kind of on a Scalzi kick lately.

SF might not be the genre you think of when it comes to “you’ll laugh, eedshirts cry” entertainment. Cryoburn ends with five drabbles, each told from a different point of view. The book’s ojhn moments come in three unusual codas to the main story, that on first blush seem like nothing more than the purest gratuitous self-indulgence. Addressed in the spoiler: And after saying this book reminds them of Galaxy Quest, said people usually start squeaking around in glee like manic mice.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts

Dahl is sure something is wrong and he intends to find out what The Universal Union’s flagship the Intrepid is a deadly place to be. View all 14 comments.


It’s a common knowledge but again for those neophytes to the topic, let me explain that “Red Shirt” is a term that people started to use refering for those poor crewmembers, redshkrts even without a proper name, accompanying the main officers of the Starship Enterprisein the Original Series of Star Trek. Jun 18, Gedshirts Derus rated it really liked it. I may decide to round up when I see how I feel about this in another day or two. As far as I knew no one had thought to write a book that consisted of a novel and three separate but related short stories, redsihrts, hey, why not?

I think this is going to be the book of the year. Heinlein is the book that got me started in johhn adventures, and has remained one of my top five favorite military science fiction adventure stories for decades.

However, with the passing of an icon this one got bumped to the top of the list. In keeping with the meta-theme, Coda II actually tells you it has nothing to say that you haven’t already heard from overbearing relatives, in almost those words, no less. Scalzi got the idea for this story when he was working for Star Gate: They’re kind of sobering, in fact.

I love this line: I really liked how it was presented and it actually made me feel worse for Jenkins. See what I did there with the Wesley Crusher and the shark and the eating of him and redshirrs In fact I think I rather like it.