I think that both Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors (The other main John Bannon book) are superb. Contained within both tomes is seriously. For the others here who are John Bannon fans, a question: I’ve been working through his books in reverse order. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (which I. On this DVD/Video John Bannon teaches the best routines from his best selling book “Impossibilia: The Magic Of John Bannon.” The routines taught on this.

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Impossibilia jlhn well worth looking for and although it is out of print, it is still available. He is a humble man that owns the right to be called a magician.

This is really “rough” compared to his other writings. View our Frequent Questions.

This is a more expensive hobby than golf! Canada’s Leading Mentalist http: Noel, I understand what you mohn about the differences between the books. The Impossibilia video that I saw many years ago had John performing material from both of these books.

A quarter magically penetrates a small sealed glass bottle and is visually removed through its tiny opening.

Impossibilia – The Close-Up Magic of John Bannon – $ : L&L Publishing, eProducts Website

The cups and ballls has great patter. Little Door by R. The easiest and most effective matrix oyu may ever see, two ahead is better than one and too amny other goodies to list.

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Each and every one of the duplicates now changes into the selected card. I also really like how he describes a complete routine, with verbal touchphrases that echo back and forth throughout the tricks, and I like the obsessiveness with which he tackles his effects. What more can anyone ask for??????????????? I will definitely pick up “Impossibilia” at some point, although I may wait until I digest more from “Smoke and Mirrors.

These are the routines that gave John a worldwide reputation. Sep 1, Routines performed and explained: John Bannon is by far my favorite close up writer.

Also explained are the many techniques used to accomplish these miracles. You will immediately add many of them to your working repertoire. A one-coin routine where a signed borrowed Quarter vanishes, appears, and changes into a jumbo join. View our magic tricks index. Stuff is all pretty easy to do like whats been said, and Banonn do like his coin stuff a lot. A visual flash restoration of a torn piece of cigarette paper.

Find Out how impoossibilia pay. This too was one of my first books. I would pay many times the original price if I didn’t have it already.

I’ve been working through his books in reverse order. Apr 8, That way you can enjoy being fooled before you learn the secrets.


Impossibilia is John Bannon’s best book without any doubt.

A selected signed card is lost in the deck. Merl Hamen Old dog– New tricks. Shriek Of The Mutilated: He actually IS a lawyer.

The chop cup routine is the best I’ve seen. Anyone here use any of the routines included??

The lace and coin are placed into a spectator’s fist and impossibly separate. May 31, D Atkinson New user 95 Posts. Twilight Zone Assembly, the reverse matrix routine.

Is it quite rare? It’s good no doubt, but FAR from my impossibikia. I don’t know why, but I’m not a big fan of this book.

A selected card and a thought-of card are found under impossible conditions.

Meir Yedid Magic

Apr 7, Picked up this book today and have been browsing through it. If you don’t have a John Bannon routine in your repertoire you are missing out on direct, visual and impossible close-up magic. If you do, what do you think? Return of the Magnificent Seven: