[email protected] Mason Hall. [email protected] JHMI. [email protected] Mason Hall. Bus and Shuttle schedules for have been posted. Please visit http://ts. for details, and e-mail [email protected] with any questions. Login: T2. |. VPOS. |. Night Ride. Johns Hopkins University logo. Mission. The mission is of JHU Transportation Services is to provide safe, reliable , efficient transportation services. As an office of Johns Hopkins Facilities and.

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Call the Transportation Department at or visit our office. In the case of severe weather conditions, Blue Jay Shuttle service may be temporarily suspended as circumstances warrant but shall be resumed thereafter as soon as reasonably possible.

Bus and Shuttle Schedules Posted

These include daytime services which connect the various Johns Hopkins properties across Jhim, and evening services which provide safe transportation around the Homewood Campus and vicinity. To view the Blue Jay Shuttle routes and to track the vans, go to http: Since Night Ride is a shared service, passengers should expect that shuttlr frequently will NOT be taken directly from their pickup point to their destination.


This shuttle route does not have a set schedule. Courtesy shuttles are shuttel free of charge for employees and students traveling around campus. Saturday – Sunday, 6: For JHU Shuttles, visit http: Using a combination of buses and vans, six routes connect the following Johns Hopkins properties: The following shuttles are provided free of charge for employees and students traveling between the East Baltimore medical campus and the satellite locations listed for shuttlf, rotations, seminars, etc.

PARK parking jhu. Visit the JHU website for details. For real-time shuttle tracking for the following shuttles, visit http: Picks up passengers in the Wolfe Street Circle and travels anywhere within the boundaries of Ellwood Ave.

Fallsway Satellite Shuttle Route 5 Stops: Monday – Friday 7: PARK parking jhu. Night Ride continues service until 3: View route map View schedule.

House, and Stieff Silver. On-Call Shuttle Route 9 Stops: Security, Parking and Transportation Intranet.

Shuttle Service

Passengers notify driver of their destination and the driver will coordinate drop-offs in an efficient manner. Use the Transloc app to request a ride and track your van from your device or call and the dispatcher will provide passenger s with an estimated time of arrival.

The shuttles are equipped with TransLoc, a GPS-based real-time transit information system available online or through a mobile device. You must display your ID badge to ride.


Johns Hopkins Medical Institute

Drivers do not deviate from their fixed route except in the case of emergency. Peabody stop tomorrow Dec 5, 9: If the transportation options listed here do not meet your needs, JHMI Transportation offers contracted custom transportation services for special events.

Peabody stop tomorrow Dec 5, 9: Washington Shuttle Route 6 Stops: View schedule Green Route Shuttle web page. For this reason, it is often much more efficient for a passenger to utilize the Suuttle or Pink routewhich follows the same predictable path and timing each time around. TransLoc Rider login resolved; reminder re: Such messages will originate from the short-code “,” and if you reply mhmi acknowledge or ask a question, the dispatcher will receive your response.

Any questions about this route should be directed to the Charm City Circulator’s Customer Service line at