Jennifer Saginor had a bizarre childhood at the Playboy Mansion, where her The result is a book, Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the. Jennifer Saginor, A childhood growing up in The Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Playmates, Playground, Hef. Read Playground by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and.

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I would see naked girls around the pool and people openly having sex in the games room. Surprisingly, she still attends parties there – most recently, a Fourth of July bash – and is “supposedly still on the guest list”, despite reported comments from Hefner contradicting some details in the book.

My main issue with the book is how Saginor refers to almost every single woman in the book as a plagground.

All of which leaves me wondering why I read this book in a day. Soon, however, she became desensitised to her shocking environment.

My Playboy youth: sex, drugs, guns

And while her childhood was horrific and abusive in its own way, there comes a time when the constant, “I’m like this because my dad made me like this” or “I’m like this because I was a pawn my parents used in their contentious divorce” just comes across as hollow excuses. This book is entertaining to the extent you can put up with a self indulgent girl from Beverly Hills.

John Belushi, the actor who died of a drug overdose inwas frolicking by the Jacuzzi in the Playboy Sahinor in Beverly Hills with one of Hugh Hefner’s saginr Playmates. With or Without You.

Despite that, it was like a gruesome train wreck – very sagihor to put down. She overlooks things, dwells on things, it is repetitious, confusing, bland, and reads like the diary of a silicone valley junior high schoolers. For a moment it made me reflect on how traumatized many of us are by childhood.

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Remember, this is a true story and although many names have been changed there are several who are named and shamed throughout this book. Also, it’s generally depressing. Down the Rabbit Hole. Feel Good, Hollywood Diet and Drug Doctor to the stars and close friends with Hef it reads like a train wreck, both the content and construction. Confessions of a Hostie.

I hope the author has pulled herself out from the horrible childhood she was subjected to and I hope she addresses that in the book Playgroun the title, most of this book is about the author’s relationship with her father and doesn’t even occur in the mansion. Schoolwork, family, and “ordinary people” had no meaning behind the iron gates of the Mansion, where celebrities frolicked, pool parties abounded, and her own father—Hugh Hefner’s personal physician and best friend, the man nicknamed “Dr.

How to write a great review. The author takes you on a wonderfully gritty ride of screwed up highs and wildly horrible lows of her life living not just inside the playboy mansion, but of the bizarre relationship she has with her crazy father, unavailable mother, and poor younger sister.

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He became convinced the Mafia were trying to kill him and gave her a loaded revolver to keep by her bed. The adult entertainment tycoon, who has eight girlfriends, is one of the few characters in the book to escape any scathing comment.

The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends. Guess what, I grew up, realized he was probably high that whole time, and used my own brain for myself. Jennifer is the daughter of “Dr.


At six years old she is gradually moved into the infamous Playboy Mansion where her father is Doctor Feelgood to Hugh Hefner. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. You are six years old. Jul 08, Heather rated it did not like it.

As if that sight wasn’t enough to traumatise a young child, it was only the beginning of Saginor’s journey through the sex- and drug-filled world of Hefner’s hedonistic retreat.

Why do I bother to attempt to write well when the stuff we find totally compelling is trash? She is still haunted by the events of her youth, but is not out for revenge. It’s too bad she did not hire a ghostwriter. The book starts to fall apart toward the end. Paris Hilton complex, maybe? I find it hard to believe that Hef let a jebnifer roam the hallways of the mansion unsupervised. Lists with This Book. We see her life in the contexts of upper-class families, high school, her serious-minded and loving grandfather, her father’s wild friends and their manipulative and dangerous plagyround, and at the mansion, where fun is free-flowing and consequences are handled by each person individually as best they can.

Couldn’t put the damn thing down.