Solutions for MVS SYSTEM ABEND CODES like S0C1, S0C7, SB37, SE37 etc. There was a conflict between the program, the JCL DCB, and the data set DCB. This article list down various JCL abend codes along with their cause and action taken by the user. ABEND Code U or U (X’D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program All related Job Logs and JCL listings.

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A load module requested by the program could not be found. An error occurred in positioning the magnetic tape.

Restart TCPaccess and retry the operation. The program contained an invalid write loop. A data set was opened twice. S A region required to run the step could not be obtained.

Understanding abend codes

You are commenting using your WordPress. A logic error caused excessive storage to be obtained but not abrnd. For indexed sequential data sets, specify the volume containing the index first. The module must be generated without an overlay structure or similar attribute.

Sensing for a file protection ring. Verify that the program logic is correct. An attempt was made to write to an input data set. TCPaccess can no longer provide an external security interface. The entry code is larger than the maximum allowable entry code. Can open was issued for a direct access data set, but the data set had indexed sequential organization.


Understanding abend codes

The PPDSENQ P-service was called to enqueue a abdnd however, after completion of the process the dequeue failed and the resource remained enqueued. An error occurred during end-of-volume processing of a data set. The select clause in the file-control paragraph did not specify an index sequential data set, when in fact the data set was indexed sequential.

The recording medium was defective. For variable length records, the blocksize was not four bytes greater than jccl logical record length.

CMS CP detected error loading a abeend segment. An error occurred in tape positioning for a data set using the reread option. For a PDS, either all 16 extents were used, or the volume that it resided on was filled. Link edit the offending module again, and resubmit the job. Linkage Area Ordering is not in sync with calling and called program In the input or output procedure of a sort. The program on the library was not executable. The decimal multiplicand has cores many high-order significant digits.

ABEND codes

Ask a Question on Forum. Determine if there is a tapemark following the data. Someone is locking the data you need you may choose to terminate the program. Check for and fix program logic error causing a loop. If there is a proliferation of the same kind of storage, a PTASK may be allocating storage in a loop. Verify that all the volumes which the data set resides on are specified in the sequence in which the data set exists. The operator did not mount the require tape within allowed time limit.


This table lists the reason codes and descriptions:. S An error occurred in opening either a direct access or a magnetic tape data set. S A load module requested by the program could not be found.

The select clause was invalid for an ISAM data set. The default is 5, therefore a request for the sixth volume will fail with a E This may generate unexpected program checks. The maximum number or output lines has been exceeded.

The volume or the device was defective. Coses storage address is not on the list of allocated quick cell pools. S30A Memory error 1. Some required DCB information was omitted.

Check with the operator to determine if there were any outstanding requests for your job. Determine how many volumes the data set spans, and request the appropriate volume.

Ensure aend the length of the work area for a write is the same as the FD record length. S An error occurred in end-of-volume processing.