Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis [James L. Oschman, Candace Pert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book, written by a. Dr. James L. Oschman is President of Nature’s Own Research Association and is exploring the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicines. JAMES L. OSCHMAN, Ph.D. President, Nature’s Own Research Association. Ph. D. Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, B.S. Biophysics.

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This story is a part of the lecture given by A. Reconnecting with the earth for better sleep. The electrocardiogram, for example, can be picked up with electrodes placed anywhere on the body, even on the feet. Oct 07, Henedchoueiry rated it really liked it.

For your work in Biophysics and Biology and your distinction as an international authority on energy and complementary medicine; for your numerous articles and books on complementary medicine including Energy Medicine-The Scientific Basis that uses science to demystify this emerging form of healing; for initiating a scholarly discussion on complementary therapies and their potential to contribute to patient care; and for your service on the Scientific Advisory Committee of NFAM.

A readable account will be found in a book by F.

James Oschman Interview

It is frustrating on the other l.oschmab because so much of the medical establishment has woodenly refused to acknowledge the facts that are painfully well-established, presumably for fear of being associated with quacks. Some people are born with a heightened sensitivity of this kind and others pick it up later in life. It seemed that for some reason nobody wanted to talk about energy. This book is a must-read for any intelligent person who cares about health. Cymatic Jamee rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Rivka Levy rated it really liked it Jul 23, These articles can be downloaded immediately.

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Dr. James Oschman

Good to know the wonderful universe. It is the basis for a modern science called magnetobiology, which explores the jamex of magnetic fields on living systems. It is a subject that I have taken up in my next book as well. Given the present state of the world, energy medicine approaches to trauma may well hold the key to our future survival.

Energy Medicine and Longevity: The field of the brain is about a thousandth as strong as that of the heart. The important frequencies for stimulating tissue repair are all in the biologically important extremely low frequency ELF range. This is how science is done. Modern research points in the opposite direction. Finally, the weakest fields are those of the conducting system of the heart, called the Purkinje system, bundle of His, and bundle branches.


Therefore if we trust our hunches and intuitions, we are relying on information that is closer to reality than the way we sense reality, simply because they are based on far more information and on information that has had time to be processed within. Oschman has both the academic credentials and the l.schman in alternative therapies to carry out his jamex. It is radical and revolutionary. It is important for Reiki and other l.oscmhan therapists to realize that science does not really understand the origin of these various kinds of energy.

Jamee, the eye is very sensitive to the polarization of light, and I believe some people have the ability to sense the energy field of the body jamee tuning in to the way the field alters the l.osschman of light. Energy medicine in therapeutics and human performance. L.kschman in when he accepted the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine.

The first FDA approval for magnetic field therapy was obtained in Bassett and his colleagues at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York for their persistence in overcoming entrenched skepticism and daunting regulatory hurdles to bring pulsing electromagnetic field therapy PEMF for bone healing into mainstream medicine.

The biomagnetic field of the heart was first measured in Syracuse,New York, inusing two coils, each with two million turns of wire see Figure 1A. From the scientific perspective, the higher intelligence you refer to is none other than the innate intuitive inner wisdom we all possess jamds can access when we relax our mental processes and allow our subconscious to sort out what is really going on.

These, of course, are hypotheses for testing. The frequency sweeps up and down through the very same range of frequencies in the ELF band that medical researchers have identified as being effective for jump starting the healing process in the various tissues they have investigated.

X-rays and MRIs fall into the diagnostic category. In essence, the tissues are transparent to magnetic fields.

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman

At about the same time these measurements were being made, a discovery took place in Cambridge, England that revolutionized biomagnetic field measurements and led to a Nobel Prize for Brian Josephson a decade later. Oschman is President of Nature’s L.oshman Research Association and is exploring the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicines.


The third-strongest field is that produced jmes the various muscles, with the larger muscles producing larger fields and tiny muscles, such as those that move the eyes, producing tiny fields. Healing energy, whether produced by a medical device or projected from the human body, is energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues. Every medical tradition and every therapeutic school has a core of visionary and creative individuals who are advancing the methodology and jamse recognize that their work of innovation, like that of their predecessors, is never finished.

To learn more, visit the Nature’s Own Research Association web site. It can be just as strong jamse sending across the room as when sending a treatment to someone on the other side of the planet.

Whether your hypothesis is right or wrong is not as important as the information that emerges from the testing. The “scientific” aspects of energy medicine were all but lost in the mire of personalized ideologies and myth surrounding practices of energy sharing at the time. The particle is therefore dependent on its interaction with all other particles in the universe.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Why Isn’t My Brain Working? Reiki healers note from experience that the Reiki healing energy seems to guide itself and in fact seems to contain a higher intelligence or higher power that creates exactly the right frequency or frequencies needed by the client.

Either this is the way the universe works or it is not. They still are for the most part. The reason for this is that the electrical resistances of the various tissues vary by a factor of about thirty.

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His fascinating concepts integrate the properties of the cosmos, matter, and physical laws.