Cyprian Ekwensi, Jagua Nana. (New York: Fawcett Premier Book, ), Pages. A Book Review By Ozodi Osuji Yesterday, July 26, Cyprian Ekwensi’s Jagua Nana is a tale of life in Lagos in the early s. It is about a woman caught between true love and the need to fend for herself by any . Jagua Nana [Cyprian Ekwensi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bold, moving, entertaining and controversial, this is the great novel of.

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Each book ends with a return to childhood home, but in very different ways.

Enraged, Jagwa went through Freddie’s packed suitcases, fished out his passport and shredded it to pieces. Stillwaters rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Within the limits of the stereotype each author brought his peculiar imaginative and linguistic skills to the portrait.

He can be reached at: Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. Even as other Nigerian novelists have become famous or experienced a revival, Cyprian Ekwensi is still lesser known, but he deserves to be more famed for Jagua Nana. Toward the Decolonization of African Literature. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and bana on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions.

Ekwensi became ever more proficient at refining his pulp fiction. Nigeria would soon become one of the main oil exporters in the world, increasing the national income. They were grown-up women. Sierra Leonean critic Eustace Palmer led the charge:. Want to Read saving…. Between these delicate political maneuvers, she also manages to slip in a brief but torrid affair with Bagana town chief Ofubara.


Apparently, they were house servants for a white man at Ikoyi and their master who had left his wife and two children in England was searching for a local mistress.

Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana

He was a business man; he owned petrol stations. Rushing from one experience to the next in search of something she can’t quite grasp, Jagua finds herself embroiled in shady politics, caught up in village feuds and a source of drama wherever she goes. An unsigned review in the Times Literary Supplement stated:. This work brings you into a world that is foriegn not only in location, but in culture and precidence.

Mama Nancy also managed to get one of her rich white customers to pay for Nancy to travel to London and take secretarial courses. He made arrangements to board a ship soon leaving Lagos for England.

The outcome is different but feels as complete and natural as in Exit West. All these weaknesses are clearly present in his most successful novel Jagua Nana …. Brassy, sassy and the vulnerable warrior, jagua nana is an icon of the urban black asskicker! And local “big men” politicians too. The greatest number of these migrants came from the east, the overcrowded homeland of the Igbo people who looked to Lagos as if it were a foreign country where men and women could make their fortunes, as long as they did not forget who they were and why they had come to this place.

She ends up living on men, although she also nsna for a young teacher struggling to climb upwards via an education in England.

Indiana University Press, In the pursuit of love, the Onitsha heroine was most resourceful.

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Jagua Nana | work by Ekwensi |

She had chosen the brightest lipstick in her bag, her blouse was sleeveless and cut so low that only the tips of her jxgua were covered. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. The relentless pursuit of money brings Jagua and the other hotel girls to the Tropicana club to solicit, motivates the politicians to murder each other with hired thugs, and gives everyone a market value.

It doesn’t feel forced until the very end, when the similarity of what is decided makes sense, but the prose about it is a bit much. She and her husband lived at Enugu.

Jagua Nana by Cyprian Ekwensi: Book Review by Ozodi Osuji – ChatAfrik

Dec 08, Mena rated it really liked it. The purpose of this…. She is prevented from such a trip by the realistic fear that younger women might replace her as Queen of the Tropicana should she leave Lagos for any length of time. Jaguar chased Nancy in the waters. Of these, the Hausa were the most numerous and the most conservative; they were ruled through emirates established by the marauding Fulani in the early nineteenth century.

But there are plenty of ideas as well, many circulating around the experience of the Czechs under the Russians. Saliu Muideen rated it really liked it Dec 07, Thanks for sending your message! Mayowa Omogbenigun rated it liked it Aug 30,