Jacques Mabit. Track: Shamanism and Its Potential for Modern Man. Ayahuasca use in the new-age context. Over the last years, ayahuasca has come to. Jacques Mabit, M.D., is Founder and Executive President of the Takiwasi Center for Drug Addict Rehabilitation and Research on Traditional Medicines in. Our first visit to Takiwasi, the center for the treatment of addiction that utilizes the methods of Amazonian shamanism along with Western psychotherapy, and its.

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Click here to sign up. The blood bears what physically corresponds to the soul, the inner self, and menstruation represents a monthly opportunity for woman to evacuate negative energies. Elderly people may consume ayahuasca as long as their psycho-physical state does not present any of the previously mentioned contraindications. The use of ayahuasca must be avoided in cases of dissociative psychic processes where delirious elements psychosis are manifest. When I had joined her there some years after her first visit, she was working as a therapist in the ample, tree shaded grounds of the center, doing her dissertation research, and soaking up the accumulated knowledge of traditional plant medicines and shamanic techniques utilized at Takiwasi to heal.

This evidently assumes that the curandero has strengthened his own energetic body sufficiently to be able to absorb and assimilate the energetic perturbations of the pa- tient without losing equilibrium himself. When a patient in Takiwasi never vomits, we know that there is a strong resistance and that the therapeutic process is not satisfactory. If the subsequent integration of the experience does not happen, some people could be misled to regard spiritual information as psychical or even physical realities, due to the lack of symbolic reading or interpretation of their experiences and visions.

The most difficult cases are managed only with energetic techniques and the use of other plants. The Amazonian tradition also states the same. On the other hand, the physical contraindications are reduced relatively when concerning purely organic problems.

Depression is a good indication for the use of ayahuasca and we know that the be- ta-carboline alkaloids from the ayahuasca liana Banisteriopsis caapi act as mono- amine-oxidase inhibitors MAOIa pharmacological group already known for the psychiatric treatment of depression. Yet even then, Tarapoto could be jqcques. The Center pro- vides a unique structure within which international perspectives on the use of ayahuasca blend and react with a rigorous protocol of ritual consciousness alteration.


I have never treated a pathologic case with ayahuasca alone. During the session they can see images as in their dreams and quickly fall asleep.

The addiction to drugs, alcohol, or medications are an exceptional symptom as they associate different levels psychosomatic and spiritual and they respond to the erratic search for altered states of consciousness, through an induction which is now controlled and guided, that allows a re-education of that search. Internationally, he is engaged in patient and staff exchanges with institutions in Europe and mablt Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

In practice, however, we have never experienced such a case.

Jacques Mabit – Roaming the Mind

Mabit has dedicated the last two decades of his life to studying the magit of altered mabif of consciousness in Amazonian mestizo and indigenous healing rituals and integrating these studies into his work as a physician and psychotherapist.

To post- modern New Agers, good intentions are all that is needed to be protected, a belief which represents a great illusion and a major danger. The chupada is performed frequently on the following body parts: There are known curande- ros of advanced age who continue to drink ayahuasca.

The consumption of ayahuasca is benign if the contraindications are observed and the subject is previously evaluated; also an adequate preparation must be assured and trained, reliable people must conduct the session. Therefore, in general we consider the sole use of ayahuasca by a child in response to a temporary curiosity to be harmless although we do not see any serious reason why such drinking should happen repeatedly and frequently.

The dose must be adjusted to age and psycho-physical constitution. What do you do in these cases? Help Center Find new jacqhes papers in: Is the dosage the same as that for younger adults?

Global Book Marketing, e-mail: Therefore it absolutely does not represent a process of substitution for an addictive drug. Those are techniques of the energetic type that can affect the energetic physiology of any person. He knew neither how to handle the psychotherapeutic relation nor how to make an adequate preliminary evaluation. For this we should distinguish between the countries that have previous cultural experience in this field and where empirical doctors curanderos are perfectly able to guide sessions in their own context and the countries where this traditional context does not exist.


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In this case, an incorporation of energy from the ayahuasca to the energetic body of mabir sub- ject takes place. As a matter of fact, without having performed any systematic studies, we can observe that this is what seems to occur. The ignorance mabir these spiritual dangers makes Western society very vulnerable to them. Besides that, pregnant women have a very strong energy that can affect and dis- turb the other participants during an ayahuasca session.

Do you think that ayahuasca might have the potential jacquez treat people with depression? The treatment approach that Jacques hacques his associates are employing and evaluating is not coercive, but instead is focused on helping their patients find new meaning and purpose in life. The placebo response towards any therapeutic strategy plays a role and so it does in the taking of ayahuasca, but it cannot in anyway account for the results obtained with its use.

As a healer who has 29 years ago developed in Mexico the Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatment see http: Thus, borderline persons or persons mabut pre-psychotic structures simply either are not affected by ayahuasca or are affected moderately, which can be handled.

But at that moment everything changed and suddenly I understood many things, saw a lot of connections, and in that one moment ten years of previous psychoanalysis became clear. In addition, ayahuasca is a natural anti-malarial and jacqjes vermifuge. The subject speaks to me Drug rehabilitation methods, whatever their orientation, typically have very low success rates. I was terrified by what I might experience, but nothing happened!

As we previously pointed out, the conventional nosology must be revised to in- clude the energetic-spiritual dimension jacquss the patient. I had also not fully factored in our own change in status.