Product Identification ===================== Product ID:ISOPREP (R), MSDS Date/29/ FSC NIIN MSDS Number: BTSHT. ISOPREP ISSUE DATE TRADE NAME. ISOPREP . Under Section , submittal of MSDS or a list of product names to the local. Easy to Use MSDS Database. Over MSDS , MK MOD 0 RF SEDUCTION, (SUPDAT) explosive ients bullseye propell .. ISOPREP ,

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In addition, excellent adhesion of organic coatings to the treated metal surfaces can be achieved with the process of this invention. A method according to claim 2 wherein the multifunctional mercapto-substituted silane is selected from the group consisting of gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxy silane, 3-mercaptopropyl methyl dimethoxy silane, and mixtures of the foregoing.

I am looking for information on the following chemicals, what are they used for, who mfg’s or sells them, what are their dangers: Steel sheet with enhanced corrosion resistance having a silane treated silicate coating.

Looking for info on these few chemicals used in anodizing

Leung et al, J. Hopefully you can identify the vendor and the vendor is still around. A method according to claim 6 wherein the concentration of the mercapto-substituted silane in the treatment solution is from 0.

Method of treating metals using ureido silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture. Any help would be greatly appreciated David A. Military specification MIL-CD provides specific procedures for measuring the corrosion resistance of a treated part.

Corrosion of metal surfaces, particularly aluminum or aluminum alloy surfaces, is inhibited by contacting the metal surfaces with a solution comprising a mercapto-substituted silane and then preferably baking the metal to cure the silane coating.

Any MSDS engine on the web will give you the hazards, etc. Acetic acid can be used to make any needed adjustments to pH. Composition and method for inhibiting corrosion of aluminum and aluminum alloys using mercapto substituted silanes. I did some searching for you. These aluminum cleaners are typically relatively weakly basic or acidic in comparison to the etchants. It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.

These adhesion procedures usually include a cross-hatch tape test whereby the organic coating is cut in a specified cross-cut pattern and tape is applied and removed to determine the quantity, if any, of the organic coating that is removed. The treatment composition is applied directly to the metal surface, preferably without any intervening treatment other than cleaning, deoxidizing or etching, by spray, flood or other means of direct contact.


The msdz of mercapto-substituted silane in the treatment solution will affect the corrosion protection achieved, with better corrosion protection achieved at higher isoorep.

As a result of this potential instability, it may be useful to prepare a concentrated solution of the mercapto-substituted silane without water that is storage stable and is then added to water to prepare the treatment solution. A isopreo according to claim 1 wherein the metal is selected from the group consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. A method according to claim 6 wherein the metal is selected from the group consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

The foregoing objectives can be accomplished by treating a metal, particularly aluminum or aluminum alloys, with a treatment composition comprising a mercapto-substituted silane.

The concentration of mercapto-substituted silane may range from 0.

The treatment solution is applied to the metal surfaces by immersion, spraying, flooding or other similar means of contact. Other useful mercapto-substituted silanes include 3-mercaptopropyl methyl dimethoxy silane available from the Fluka Chemie AG of Buchs, Switzerland. J Simpson case, I also learned its used as a blood preservative It can be purchased through any lab supply ksoprep. The silane treatment solution of this invention can become unstable over time.

Method of treating metals using vinyl silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture.

A method according to claim 1 sioprep the mercapto-substituted silane is a multifunctional mercapto-substituted silane having the following chemical structure: Recently, various techniques for eliminating the use of chromates in corrosion inhibition and adhesion promotion treatments have been proposed.

Environment-friendly nano water-based silane treatment agent capable of improving anti-corrosion performance of metal surface. Thus, the inventors believe that the mercapto-substitution on the silane provides significant and unexpected improvements in corrosion protection and adhesion promotion in relation to non-mercapto-substituted silanes.


The process of this invention has been found to increase the corrosion resistance of metals generally, not including zinc and zinc plated surfaces, but is particularly effective on aluminum and aluminum alloys. Keohan et al, Annu. Multifunctional organo-mercapto-substituted silanes are preferred in the practice of the process. Gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxy silane is available from the Witco Corporation of Greenwich, Conn.


The mercapto-substituted silane of this invention is preferably a multifunctional mercapto-substituted organic silane of the following chemical formula: Most preferred as a solubilization matrix for the mercapto-substituted silanes is a combination of water and ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.

I’m stretching my memory on the DWbut believe thats a hexavalent chromate conversion coating we used many years ago The compositions and methods of this invention are particularly suitable for treating aluminum and aluminum alloys.

A variety of known cleaners, deoxidizers and etchants may be employed for this purpose, with the appropriate choice being made with the specific metal surface to be prepared in mind. The inventors have surprisingly found that other silanes i.

Mercapto-substituted silanes, such as gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxy silane, may not be soluble in water alone to the extent necessary to practice this invention effectively. The composition of the mercapto-substituted silane treatment solution and the corrosion resistance results are given below in Table I. Wherein R 1R 2 and R 3 are independently selected from the group comprising of alkoxy groups, alkyl groups and hydrogen, and wherein n is msda integer from 0 to Aluminum alloys, in particular, can be susceptible to corrosion since the alloying elements used to improve the metal’s mechanical properties may msdw corrosion resistance.

Many metals are susceptible to corrosion. An optional second treatment solution containing an organofunctional silane may also be employed, particularly if the metal is to be painted.

This invention is further described by the following examples which should be taken as illustrative only and not limiting msda any manner:. Treatment Time min Temperature 1. Although the inventors have found that treatment of the metal with smds cleaner and an etchant prior to treatment with the mercapto-substituted silane of this invention generally improves the corrosion resistance provided by the process, the best choice of cleaners and etchants may depend upon the metal being treated.

Corrosion resistance is measured as the maximum number of hours the part can endure before corrosion becomes apparent in a specified manner on its surface.