All electrical installations and equipment comply with insulation resistance specifications so they can operate safely. Whether it involves the connection cables. IR Testing for Low voltage. Circuit voltage, Test voltage, IR Value(Min). Extra Low Voltage, V DC, MΩ. Up to V except for above. These minimum IR testing voltages must always be adhered to in order to accurately measure the Insulation Resistance in all electrical equipment. Any test .

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I sent your link to one of overhead crane supplier which was located in some part in Europe, because we were requesting for the IR but they say they do not know such IR. Excellent work on single paper.

If desired, the installation can be tested as a whole, when a value of at least 0. This current dissipates no energy and is not harmful, i.r.testing we wish to measure the resistance of the insulation, so DC Voltage is used to prevent reactance from being included in the measurement.

Apply the test voltage and note the reading. Guard the terminals to eliminate surface leakage over terminal bushings. Definitely there will be a temperature rise of 10 degree Celsius from cold to No-load running.

IR Testing for Low voltage.

Measurement of insulation resistance (IR) – Part 2

The example you stated mention some thing in contrary See Below. Fluke insulation resistance tester up to 10kV Continued from first part: Sagar Vaghasiya Feb 03, All LV surge diverter earth connections are to be disconnected during the test. Connect the test leads avoid joints. For most windings made before aboutall field windings, and others not described below. Thank u so much sir…. Capacitors and indicator or pilot lamps must be disconnected or an inaccurate test reading will result.


Where any equipment is disconnected for testing purposes, it must be subjected to its own insulation test, using a voltage which is not likely to result in damage.

Qaisar Feb 02, Very useful articleI appreciate your efferots to collect all these indexes and values in one paper Thank you…. For any installation, the insulation resistance measured shall not be less than: Aniruddha Bhattacharjee Nov 04, This is happening for both different motors with ideal rating. Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter.

Benefits of Permanently Installed Automatic Insulation Resistance (IR) Testing: Part 3 of 3

The recommended practice in measuring insulation resistance is to always ground the tank and the core.

It was found that the reading was less with oil than without oil. What voltage do u use 5 test a v bus bar and what are the i.d.testing results.

What should b d megger range n what is d value?? IR Value at Maintenance Time. Dear Sir, I need to know the HV and Megger test voltage value and routine tests to be performed for medium voltage 6. Luckily after searching in the web your article showed up.

If the ground cannot be removed, as in the case of some windings with solidly grounded neutrals, the insulation resistance of the winding cannot be measured. The primary source of information is described within IEEE, IEC or national i.r.testiny which must be reviewed before embarking upon electrical engineering works or projects.


To test the other, both two-way switches should be operated and the system retested.

For the 22 KV cable 3 cores x sq. Jignesh Parmar Jignesh Parmar has completed M. Is there any IR lower-limit for turn-to-turn insulation in random wound low voltage electric motors? Treat it as part of the grounded section of the circuit.

For most machines with random -wound stator coils and form-wound coils rated below 1kV. Ronal Manuel Nov 09, Thanks for your article. I just have doubt that one of the examples of insulation temperature correction i.r.testlng is given with a probable mistake from the point I looked to the insulator.

Adam Edmont Mbulawa Jun 17, Ganesh Kumar Aug 17, A Very Useful Article Request to mentioned the source of the information provided. A meenashankar Jan 07, For most dc armature and ac windings built after about form wound coils.

Virendra I.r.festing Tiwari Jun 12, IR Value for Electric motor 5. Shut down the transformer and disconnect the jumpers and lightning arrestors. Avoid meggering when the transformer is under vacuum.