IR3M02 from Sharp Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. IR3M02 Pulse Width Modulation Type Switching Regulator Contrl ic. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: IR3M Electronic component datasheet for IR3M02 manufacturer SHARP. Free doqnload!.

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Good Idea I am going to try to get an early nights sleep to night. Something is wrong with your voltage switching.

SHARP IR3M02 datasheet, IR3M02 is SMPS controller

AC goes to points L and N!!! AC across the yellow? What is the voltage rating of C11? I removed J1 that links T1 to the center point of the two main filter caps. The fact that the fan spins temporarily then stops vatasheet the power supply is starting up then shutting down due to a fault. What are you using for a load?

Its been a while since I read the values on a power resistor, is the placement of the ohm symbol supposed to indicate the multiplier? That’s way too much. Set up as per Sencore guide would be as follows: When you measured did you have the switch connected to the board, Do you still get a constant Ohms datashet when measuring across the 2 pins ir30m2 the board with switch not connected, PSU not plugged in and caps drained. If so, then you have a short on the secondary circuit.


【IR3M03 LATTICE】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

So if that’s the case getting 7V at either VCC is wrong. Yea, without a schematic I’m clueless at this point. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect this part, I will have datasheeg check more closely.

Line operated switch-mode power supplies operate in two stages.

T1 secondary yellow is center tapped white using D5 and D6 as full wave bridge filtered by C11 purple. Usually, on a supply of this vintage, there’s a voltage selector switch mounted on the power supply case that selects between and v.

That it’s part of a tank circuit is the reason for the non-polar. Be sure and measure the AC across C1 and C2 which should be the same. I’ve been poking around that IR3M02 since my last post before Xmas, and everything seems to be ok-ish.

I now get a much bigger kick of the fan, but the 3. We took a break and went out to a bar for a couple of beers, then the solution came to me and I went back to the shop and fixed it.

IR3M02 Datasheet

Just googling that IC brought up some diagrams that are quite similar but not the same. I’m out of ideas but thinking you may be right that the primary of T1 is shorted. Hi, good luck with replacing components, have you the tools to test capacitors?


Hi, well i replaced the non-polar cap with a new one, and replaced the 5 electrolytic caps on the output side, but its still not working. The capacitor is labeled: One suspect is the cap labeled C4 the datashest one –if I’m guessing right, it’s usually a non-polar one and ripple current can run very high and heat it. A project a long time ago. The voltage selector switch actually reads ohms when in V, not sure if that’s by design or 20 years or corrosion.

One of the comparators will be for over voltage, eg increase output from 4. Not sure if connecting this is a good idea, with that Auxiliary PSU powering part of it. This i hope will power the controller and hopefully get the thing going.

SHARP (SHARP ELECTRIONIC COMPONENTS) Electronic Components Datasheet –

Larry Yes sorry, its not clear in the pics. It doesn’t try to restart. The caps will explode. I had a look through my parts bin, to find a 2. Don’t leave powered on in the overvoltage condition!!

From the source above I have narrowed it down to the control section. Its probably just old. Don’t know the history at all. Damn this is getting complicated. LM on their outputs. There are 2 ceramic power resistors.