Flash Boys by Michael Lewis Why Aren’t They Shouting? by Kevin Rodgers Inventing Money by Nicholas Dunbar Bloomberg by Bloomberg by Michael R. Inventing Money: The Story of Long-Term Capital Management and the Legends Behind It (). By Nicholas Dunbar John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Third Avenue. This excellent book is focused on the demise of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) – a hedge fund which imploded in

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Jesse Mckendry rated it really liked it Oct 27, Olivier Van Parys rated it really liked it Jul 26, In comparing the two books, it is interesting to see how certain aspects that were emphasized by Roger Lowenstein are minimized and glossed over by Nicholas Dunbar.

Nicholas Dunbar tells this facet of the story far better than Lowenstein.

There is a reason that only “high net worth” individuals can invest in hedge funds. It’s a well written book. This review was written invenring my own time, using my own computing and Internet resources.

Want to Read saving…. All in all an interesting and educational read. Gebra rated it really liked it Jul 11, To borrow from Dr. Beginning in Ancient Babylon, Nicholas Dunbar steers a path encompassing the American Civil War, an obscure French mathematician, the chance meeting of Merton and Scholes in the late s, Meriwethers brilliant bond coup in the s, up to and beyond the dark days of collapse and rescue in September Once there is a rumor that you are in trouble, you are in much more trouble.


Inventing Money: The Story of Long-Term Capital Management and the Legends Behind It

In the end much of the personal wealth of the LTCM founders is destroyed. No trivia or quizzes yet.

A brave and ambitious work, Inventing Money was written by leading financial journalist Nicholas Dunbar. While market equilibrium may be true in the long run, there can be “mispricings” that can persist for periods of time long enough to lose five nichoas dollars. Meriwether recruits many of the top traders he worked with at Solomon Brother, along with nichholas of the top people in academic quantitative finance.

Oct 17, Andy rated it really liked it. Kevin Wilson rated it really liked it Mar 25, This is the story of the rise and fall of LTCM and the legends behind it.

The Science of Fear and Greed. Tobias invenfing it it was amazing Feb 28, Table of contents Preface to the Paperback Edition. The story about how Samuelson discovered Bachelier must be in a good ten books, at this point, and chances are they all cribbed it from here!

Refresh and try again. For four years LTCM shows excellent returns. The main Italian trade was much nicholax heroic than this account claims it was: When the global economy was put at risk a second time, 7 years after I read this book, I knew what to expect.


Inventing Money by Nicholas Dunbar

Also, the counterparties didn’t know about the offsetting trades because of secrecy from LTCMso they thought the risk was higher than it actually was. Venture capital funds the new companies, creating new jobs and wealth. When it fell to earth in September it shook the world. Jeffrey Tran rated it really liked it Mar 28, Derivate auf Alternative Investments: It was also very interesting to see how seemingly foolproof trading strategies could unravel very quickly when underlying fine-print assumptions like the assumption of liquid markets were violated, and how liquidity problems could have severe consequences.

He is 33 and lives in London. The US regulators and congress assume that high net worth individuals are experienced investors or at least that they can afford the potential losses associated with higher risk.

In many cases the returns produced by these funds are matched by the risk of financial loss.