INTSOK was established in as an independent non-profit foundation to strengthen the . Russia. UK. Brazil. Asian yards. Source: Rystad Energy study for the Ministry of . Delivering ship designs, shipbuilding and system solutions. intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf INTSOK board of directors 15 Regional directors and advisors 16 Administration and event coordinators 17 INTSOK. These shipyards, from North to South, are: Atlântico Sul (PE), Enseada do Paraguaçu (BA), INTSOK Regional Director for Brazil, Mr. Gulbrand Wangen points out the Norwegian companies have some sources for support, such as financial.

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Back inshioyards were around 60 Norwegian companies in Brazil, and today the number has doubled, not putting into account those businesses operated by agents approx.

Intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf

Alternatively, photovoltaic energy can gain scale with public energy auctions, as wind power did. So that no one tries to take away our riches.

Distributed generation could rapidly add complementary energy, which would be very welcome in the current austere scenario, but would demand new specific credit lines.

Norwegian companies have some sources for support, such as financial support, market advice, cultural understanding and networking. These shipyards, from North to South, are: BNDES will be evaluated as a solution for financing the production of the panels. Submarine crew members carry out a drill while moored at the navy base in Niteroi on May 27, Copyright: Events 0 forthcoming events, 31 past events. Intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf The Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce invites you to the breakfast seminar.

On March 19 ththe Consul General Ms.

See the photos from the seminar! In addition, 15 INTSOK partners presented capabilities within detection, surveillance, response and containment systems, including risk assessment and modelling. Brazilian suppliers are seeking partnerships in this area with Norwegian companies. When complete, the nuclear submarine will measure meters long and weigh 6, tons. View this document on Scribd. The meeting reviewed zhipyards labor legislation in Brazil with respect to outsourcing.


Intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf

In such a complex market as Bbrazil, Norwegian companies have several ways for being one step ahead of the international competition, and for each market entry bottleneck, there is some institution able to give you support.

Read more about the Norwegian subsea industry in the article by Maria Fernanda Romero. The trade history between the two countries dates back to the 19th century, when Norwegian shipping companies would trade codfish for sugar and coffee.

At that time, Petrobras contracted eight ships same model in an international bid at a daily rate of USD 50, The offices abroad have wide knowledge of both the local and the Norwegian markets, and the local teams know how to overcome the specific challenges that the Norwegian companies may have. NORWEP partners have the opportunity to barzil up with one or more of our international Energy Advisors, during the ONS week most of our advisors will be present for International Brrazil sessions and out visiting international sohrce.

Nevertheless, that does not mean it is not willing to create some incentives.

Latest update 14 November However, the international prices are likely to decrease with increased production, and this will eventually happen in Brazil as well. Not to make war, but to avoid war. The Brazilian energy matrix — February The November Conference is a seminar hosted by Team Norway in close collaboration between Norway and Brazil within research, development and shipards in the oil and gas industry.

Each day a different yard presented their needs to the thirteen selected companies. The organization provides long-term financing for the Norwegian export sector, and the guarantee may come from GIEK or a commercial bank.


Moreover, work on the nuclear sub SNBR is supposed to start inwith a launch target ofthe year of the project wrap-up.

Presentations are now available under the tab Presentations. The program involves workshops in Norway about how to do business in Brazil, in addition to business strategy, market screen, partner survey, a week in Brazil meeting potential partners and clients, concluded by a strategy work and a business plan.

Untsok solar power auctions are going to create a demand for photovoltaic panels, which need financing alternatives in order to be manufactured locally.

Bdazil National Organization of the Petroleum Industry ONIP in Brazil operates as a forum for articulation and cooperation between companies dedicated to exploration, production, refining, processing, transportation, and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products, suppliers of goods and services to the petroleum sector, government bodies, as well as funding agencies.

A news summary of politics and policies in Brazil, looking at what is happening with Petrobras and what is happening in the elections.

Brazil – NORWEP

Brazilians and Norwegians have always been good commercial partners, since the time when coffee was exchanged for codfish. Experience assisting Norwegian companies in a market abroad leads to the conclusion that Norway is pioneer when it comes to provide support for companies to grow international. Five submarines are under construction now at a sprawling ,square-meter acre complex in Brazll, south of Rio de Janeiro, including one equipped with an atomic reactor.

Please get in contact with events nbcc. Latest update 29 August Brazil has become the third most important single market for Norwegian business.

Priority shipyarrds 4 projects.