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Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – Worker (IMM ) – Information about who can apply for a work permit from. Read the Instruction guide (IMM ) for important information about as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [IMM ] (PDF, KB). Undertaking for an Application for a Work Permit exempted from a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [IMM ].

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Details and instructions on how to apply for a study permit from within Canada may be obtained by visiting our web page Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Student.

Application for a Temporary Work Permit – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

In order to return to Canada, you must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document. As of May 1 st, an eTA is automatically umm to you with the renewal of your work permit.

Academic degree awarded by a college or university to those who completed an undergraduate curriculum; also called a baccalaureate.

When is a medical examination required? Make sure that you are eligible before you pay your fees and that you provide all the information requested before you submit the application.

Print, sign and date the form. It is not necessary to make a separate application for an extension of temporary resident status when you apply for a work or study 55553. Once they receive the additional information or clarification, the local office will complete the final stages of omm and if required, invite you to an interview.

Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay

Question 2 Enter your national identity document number exactly as shown on the document. You can appoint only one representative for each application you submit. You need to give your biometrics In most cases, you now need to give your fingerprints and photo biometrics after you apply. If you plan to remain in Canada for six months or less: 55553 carefully to the instructions and press the number for the selection you want.

This includes travel documents like a visitor visa, study or work permits or an eTA electronically linked to your passport.

It is illegal to study without a required study permit. Fill out this form only if you: It is an offence immm section of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to knowingly make a false statement on this form.

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Renewal of a work permit beyond the specified period will therefore likely require a new opinion from HRSDC. It is not necessary to make a separate application for an extension of temporary resident status when you apply for a work or study permit.

If you wish to leave and re-enter Canada, imj is your responsibility to make sure your TRV stays valid. C — Coming Into Canada This information will assist us in retrieving your previous records. Release of information to other individuals To authorize CIC to release information from your case file to someone other than a representative, you will need to complete the form Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual IMM which is available on our Web site at www.

If a section does not apply to you, write “Not Applicable” or “NA”, except for your name last name and given name[s]. The eTA may be used to travel to Canada by air only. It reduces the risk of mistakes that can slow down your application. A link, 5553 or video is not working. If your passport or travel im has a sex other than male M or female F: Your application may be returned or refused if it is not properly completed, or if all of the necessary documents have not been submitted.

Application for a Temporary Work Permit – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

If you wish to apply for restoration, complete the enclosed application providing full details of how you came to commit the offence. Check the box to indicate whether you have previously been married or in a common-law relationship. Processing will stop immediately if you give false or misleading information. This form must be completed by each person who wants to apply for an extension of their work permit or change conditions of their stay in Canada, including applying for an initial work permit.

For these work permits:. Are there any conditions on my work permit? We check your identity when you arrive in Canada When you arrive, we check your identity to make sure that you are the same person who was approved to travel to Canada.

You cannot use a work permit to immigrate to Canada. Spouses or common-law partners of highly skilled foreign workers may themselves be authorized to work without first having confirmation from Employment and Social Development Canada ESDC. What information and documentation do I require?

If you apply again, you will have to pay the processing fees again. If you do not work, describe what you are currently doing retired, not working, going to school, etc. If you need to take any further action regarding your application, we will inform you in writing.


If you are requesting a work permit to allow you to work in the field of health services or with children, you must complete and pass an immigration medical before you submit your application for a work permit. For co-op and post-graduation work permit applicants: Permanent residents of the U. If you did not require a passport to enter Canada, your temporary resident status will expire six months 5535 the day you entered Canada unless you were given a visitor record, ikm or work permit.

All persons must establish that they meet all of the requirements of The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations before being authorized to enter or re-enter Canada.

On your application forms, identify the sex you would like displayed M or F until the X can be issued. Question 1 Check Yes or No to tell us if you are a lawful Permanent Resident of the United States with a valid alien registration card green card. Sign up for email updates on changing your sex to X unspecified. If you received your initial work permit on or after August 1,you already have immm eTA.

Check our iimm to view the current List of Ineligible Employers.

How to extend your Work Permit and renew your Temporary Resident Visa

For further information on the program and a list of the skill levels in the NOC, refer to our Web site. Login error when trying to access an account e. If you are a Refugee Claimant for whom no final decision has been made, or you have found to be a Convention Refugee or a Protected Person, you need not pay the processing fee for work permits, study permits, or temporary resident permits.

Lmm a decision has been made and you have not been found to be a Convention Refugee or a Protected Person, but are awaiting an appeal in federal court, you are required to pay the processing fee as a decision has been made on your initial application.