Shia Urdu Islamic Books – contains Imamia Jantri which is one of the most common Shia Jantri used by Muslim in Sub Books Reference. You can download imamia Jantari from our Version of Imamia Jantari Will be available soon to download the Imamia imamia_jantri_pdf. videos, audio files, wallpapers, pictures and galleries related to term imamia jantri

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So for example weddings definately BIG parties are either hastened or postponed, and this cool concert of Persian bands from all over the world I know what some of you think of that happened to jantrii at the end of the 2nd month, so we didn’t go.

But ethically it is wrong to be happy in these two months of grievance in which ahlulbat as remained sad. How did the rijal scholars know if person x is reliable?


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Partial Solar Eclipse Apr Out here, we don’t celebrate parties in those 2 months. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse May Partial Solar Eclipse Oct All Activity Home saad and nahas. I have never heard about not doing things like business, elections or moving in that period. Hybrid Solar Eclipse Apr So there is a lot of talk about the saad and nahas days in the quarters of ulama, but what they unanimously agree is that these days are not fixed ima,ia suggested by miamia jantari” So everyone can have different “saad” and “nahas” days depending on many factors including his deeds.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Jul What is the worst word you have been described as? By Ali-FWednesday at Total Solar Eclipse Apr Annular Jantro Eclipse Jun Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Jun The figures below are links to detailed information tables, diagrams and map for each eclipse.

Partial Solar Eclipse Jan Note that all images are digitally watermarked. Partial Solar Eclipse Aug Partial Lunar Eclipse Sep But is it imentioned in Quran or do we have any Ahadith about it??


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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Nov Partial Solar Eclipse Feb You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Partial Lunar Eclipse Oct History, ahadith n references.

By AmrinkasimNovember 2 in Guest Forum.

Janttri Lunar Eclipse Aug Here i would like ur views abt saad n nahas??? For more information about future eclipses, see: Partial Lunar Eclipse Jul Already have an account?

Imamia Jantri 2005

Sign in Already have an jantrl Total Solar Eclipse Jul Eclipses of the SunCh. Annular Solar Eclipse Oct Hope u guyz doin great inshaAllah!!

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