Ill Met in Lankhmar (The Science Fiction Book Club Collection) [Fritz Leiber, Bob Eggleton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They are the. Ill Met in Lankhmar Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser faced each other across the two thieves sprawled senseless. They were poised for attack, yet. Fritz Leiber’s Contents-page teaser for “Ill Met in Lankhmar”: The second and decisive meeting of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, wherein something is told of the .

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Reviews Books by I I read Conan and The Tolk long before these great stories. These stories are old, Fritz Leiber passed away years ago after a life wherein he found success enough to make ends meet, but for a large portion of said life had only that, and often less.

Share this item —. Tom O’Bedlam July 19, at 8: They were poised for attack, yet for the moment neither moved.

Unfortunately for them, things do not turn out quite as planned. Archived from il original on 7 May When the Change-Winds Blow. Apr 04, Tom Tancredi rated it it was amazing. Jun 04, Gary Hoggatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: It isn’t super deep or anything just fun.

Law at Troynovant legal institutions, juries; lawmen, law enforcement. Anyone who runs their own tabletop games should read this if only for the lessons in economic description alone.

These stories end up feeling very familiar to anyone who has read much modern fantasy, yet they are equally appealing to those who prefer their stories on the pulpier, Robert Howard side. Leiber’s Lankhmar stories and Vance’s Cugel stories ket be required oankhmar for anyone who wants to play a rogue type.


GROGNARDIA: Pulp Fantasy Library: Ill Met in Lankhmar

Fritz Leiber effectively sketches out oankhmar layout of Lankhmar while with the same brush applies some color to the city just by naming the streets the twain travel upon.

A Pail of Air. It is quick and fun at least until the end lakhmar it turns dark. A semi-medieval, peasants and kings type setting, a sometimes harsh, sprawling world brought to life over the course of wha I can’t recommend this book highly enough for anyone who likes fantasy, adventure, just plain fun, Dungeons and Dragons type literature.

His gloomy gallows style illustrations add just the right touch to these stories, sharp as Cats Claw and as well-balanced as Graywand. Savage Foes of Nehwon.

Ill Met in Lankhmar – Fritz Leiber

A pair of rogues meet when they ambush a courier for the local thieves guild. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. People of Nehwon – I. A Bit of the Dark World. The Mind Spider and Other Stories. I thought it was about time I got round to reading them and a little bit of heroic fantasy never hurts unless you drop the hardback on your foot, there are some weight tombs out there but thats another story.

Ill Met in Lankhmar and Ship of Shadows

The Gray Mouser is a former wizard’s apprentice turned thief. They really are a lot of fun and are a must for my fellow fantasy fans, and despite my notes above about how they differ, I think anyone who’s enjoyed Conan like I have will also enjoy Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, because they do have a lot more in common than they have different and Leiber’s Newhon and Howard’s Hyboria could easily be different ages of the same pseudo-mythic world.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki mwt licensed under the following license: I could go on about Leiber’s influence on roleplaying, but one need know nothing about roleplaying games to enjoy the wonderful characters that are Fafhrd and Gray Mouser. The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars. In an attempt to move with the times and against his own past record Leiber does give the two women a bit of intelligence and character, but it does not do them much good.


Lankhmar City of Adventure. An original sword and sorcery tale. The Moon is Green. On a side note, Leiber sticks with earlier notions of sorcery, established on Howard and others, that magic is not something you really want to dabble in unless you absolutely have to. Jul 01, Brian Martin rated it it was amazing. Other books in the series.

The Power of the Puppets. May 19, Forrest rated it it was amazing. Lieber has a way of “sneaking” some beautiful writing into his “pulp” fantasy. The Goggles of Dr. In general, rather disappointing. If, like me, you’re a fantasy fan who has somehow missed out on these excellent stories, I urge you to pick up a copy of Ill Met in Lankhmar with all due speed.

The Number of the Beast. They are, at turns, brilliant and stupid, competent and bungling, all tempered by a good bit of luck. Join Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser meet they tak Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar series established the sword-swinging, maiden-rescuing, chivalrous, high adventure that has been the mainstay of the fantasy genre ever since.

Thieves, but you can sense a conscience within them. A Defense of Werewolves. Sheelba of the Eyeless Face.