Humedica MinedShare® Chosen by HealthEast Care System to Support ACO and Patient Centered Medical Home Initiatives. Sep 14, Humedica MinedShare analytics will also provide robust metrics to help health professionals at BQA better understand population health. The company’s key clinical analytics solution, Humedica MinedShare, is an integrated platform that combines retrospective analytic capabilities.

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I know some of them, mibedshare no, have not talked about this! We keep getting more and more inquiries regarding a variety of opportunities, such as for clinical trials. He points out that agriculture used to consume 40 percent of household income and that it was overly labor intensive, small-scale and inefficient.

The real key is to ask the person what their challenges might be and then try to work with them. We are hoping that we get applications humedlca all of them. It reminds everybody at least once a year that there are 1.

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For us and the Positive Charge Initiative, it reinforced for us that we were doing the right thing, that access to care is a huge issue and utilization of care is a huge issue including in the United States. We will explore and seek grants from the comparative effectiveness research activities that are ongoing. The purpose of Positive Charge is to be a game changer. I think so often we forget. A lot of times when people need to get access to HIV care, maybe they have problems with housing or transportation or other issues.

Some patients with chronic pain say they are becoming collateral damage. We can put up all kinds of technology and process safeguards in place with respect to the granularity of the data we share —and we are not in the business of sharing information that names names. If they do, Phoebe makes sure their bosses know about it.

Whether that data asset is 50 million lives, 35 million lives, million lives, depends on that small matter of execution. They have been working on this for a while, because from a leadership perspective, they were early. The first was that people living with HIV often say that they are not in care because of societal personal factors, things like: Potentially substance use and that kind of thing as well, but mostly the societal things around fear, stigma, and discrimination surrounding HIV.

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Then there are the social services providers; the AIDS service organizations, the housing providers, the transportation providers, etc. How does what you do relate to recent Federal policy moves?

With the laying of the piping we believe the data that flows through it will be highly valuable. We invited 13 communities to apply. Because people are afraid of discrimination due to HIV, they may not choose to come out and get tested. Provider payments are based on practice results that minedxhare scored against the predetermined metrics.

If they know that someone who is in their service area is living with HIV they can encourage them to get connected to care and to build linkages with other organizations.

Pioneer ACO Brown & Toland Physicians Goes Live with Humedica MinedShare® | CloudEXPO Journal

I do think the payer market represents a third rail that is not worth getting into at this moment in time. Holiday Hours Learn more!

So I think as a society or coworkers or friends or family members, we just need to really think about how to be accepting and supportive of someone living with HIV. By the way, on your earlier point about balance between markets, did you mean outside of the provider market? When they talked to us, it was clear that we had a very common mission and vision.

The ability to aggregate data between the payer and the provider helps drive better treatment and results. Kandy, thanks for your time today. He became chief medical officer in Health care business consultant and policy expert David E.

The Humedica platform and the Anceta collaborative will permit us to achieve this goal,” James added. Humedjca other important thing to note is that EMR minedshar in the provider world is roughly 20 percent. Wilmington Health’s focus is on improving patient outcomes and further adopting data-driven quality improvement processes across the organization. But in fact, what we learned from people living with HIV is that while those factors do influence a small number of people, the vast majority of people living with HIV who are not in care actually reported that it was more of the societal matters; things like they were afraid to disclose their status.


Relative to payers, humefica —a market I know quite well from my PharMetrics days and my MedStat days— I talked to several large payers over the past months and I validated a couple of things: I would have guessed that there was more balance at the outset between the customer types. We definitely see the onboarding of electronic health records as a good thing overall. So even during this podcast, in the time that we had this conversation, humediica least one more person will have become HIV positive.

Positive Charge is designed to target 13 really highly impacted communities across the country that have significant populations of people living with HIV and where some of the estimates of people who are not in care are most significant.

We would like to have a database that is significant enough that we can a analyze the top 60 to diseases with confidence, whatever life sciences market across all disease and therapeutic areas across multiple treatment settings, and we would like to be in as many, if not all, the major hospital systems and chains out there, who have one of the top 5 EMRs.

They just had a hypertension collaborative, they are rolling out a diabetes collaborative, which is our first disease area for them. Then finally I would say that society as a whole, we need to realize that a lot of times we are the problem. For us, every day is a day to be mindful about that.

So time is our friend here.