When we run in the HLR BAM Windows Folder where we extract the Tool it opens up usually in Chinese Language while many. and other Huawei trademarks are trademarks of Huawei HLR VR Product Description Huawei Proprietary and Confidential. Manual for HLR, made by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd).

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If you need to get information about your project, please submit your information and we will contact you within one working day. Group Post User Document. Features include seamless disaster recovery, subscriber data security, and compatibility with third-party data applications that reduce costs and the complexity of adding new data.

Huawei has a very customer focused attitude. AR Series Access Routers.

[HLR9820] HLR Contingency Plan (GU HLR9820)

Wireless Network Info Community Members: Huawei Global – English. It can also be developed to provide more functions. The failure that the CancelLocation message is not responded may be caused by huaqei fact that the HLR fails to send the message or that the MSC fails to send a response.

What is the FM FollowMe service? The HLR-specific roaming service allows the carriers to configure the roaming restriction rule of all the subscribers in a certain HLR.


Error occurs in the following cases: AR Series Enterprise Routers. Return New post Share. Radio Access Network Devices. Fixed Network Info Community Members: Return New post Blr9820.

A functional number is generally a virtual number. Search for a nearby reseller and get direct contact information. In a default state, the CLIR service is not invoked. Face Image Checkpoint Cameras.

Privacy Terms of use. The traced messages of the two subscribers show that the MSC responds with the mp unidentified sub error.

Return New post Share. In the previous MSC cutover, the dynamic data of purged subscribers is not copied to the new MSC, and thousand out of the 1. Over the course of the past three years, the next generation HLR has served hld9820 the main operators include China, the U. The call restriction can be classified into intra-group call restriction and inter-group call restriction. Core Network Info Community Hlr99820 Smart Site Management Systems.

Therefore, the fault is resulted from the cutover.

A functional number is a position number rather than a subscriber number. A subscriber can be a member of one or more CUGs. It indicates that the MSC does not store the data of the subscribers. Smart Modular Data Centers. Because error is generated for a large number of subscribers, another 11 subscribers are hlr980 for the message tracing.

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GU HLR Relates question & Answer-Core Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

It allows a subscriber to call a person in a specific position by dialing a functional number. Incoming and outgoing calls allowed: The subscription data, however, is normal on the HLR.

The messages of the two subscribers are traced. The FollowMe FM service is also known hlr98820 the functional number addressing service. Group Post User Document.

HLR-Specific Roaming Restriction Service

Restriction on incoming calls within a CUG: Education Cloud Data Center. The roaming restriction service allows the carriers to manage the mobility of subscribers by configuring the VLRs to which the subscribers can roam according to the actual requirements.

The reliability of the whole system is up to In this way, the dispatcher sends directives to the person on duty through the functional number. Fixed Network Info Community Members: Wireless Network Info Community Members: You can easily build up your knowledge from a single document about HLR. Two subscribers are selected from the subscribers for whom error is repeatedly generated from July 25th to September. In addition, the capacity can be expanded to meet more demanding site requirements.

Cloud Data Center Network Solution.