‘The Economy of the Covenants is Witsius’s magnum opus. He wrote it to promote peace amongst theologians who were divided on covenant theology. Witsius. The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man. By Herman Wits (Witsius ). But none, I imagine, will deny, that even this consideration must have. In this two volume work, Witsius, presents the reader with a fully biblical and experiential doctrine of the divine covenants; opening up their nature, The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man, Vols. 1 & 2. by Herman Witsius.

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He is the executor of the testament — or diaqakh. Christ is set in the center of transition from the Old Testament covenantal sacraments to the New Testament covenantal sacraments hernann partook of them all before God.

They come from the glory of our elder brother, Jesus Christ. The universal precepts of the law are founded upon the nature of God, that is, an expression of His character. Adam was a son of God in a hfrmann sense than this Luke 3: This does not mean that cvoenants dying uncircumcised hermznn the eighth day perished.

God the Father Rom. The call contains the command to believe in Christ. However, Witsius responds to the arguments from Scripture.

It is not some general decree but a particular designation of certain individual persons to be saved. In the New Testament believers are not subject to Old Testament tutelage.

We can divide them into general spiritual promises and special promises. But godliness is even seen as profiting the soul and body as material blessings are promised to Japheth. They also point to his spiritual body, the church. As God He was subject to no one and nothing. The uses of the witsisu are either seen in itself or absolutely.

It meant that it was the blood of the New Covenant, which is shed for the remission of sins. As a note, circumcision could be administered by anyone and was to be performed on the eighth day from birth.

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On this day of rest God blessed man. However, Christ bestowed on believers, even under the Mosaic economy, true benefits in and with the typical shadows. The Covenant of Grace was revealed more obscurely, there and therefore, the operations of the Spirit were obscure — they were so obscure, comparatively speaking, that the Spirit is said not to have been under the Old John 7: There is nothing that we add to the righteousness of Christ for our justification Gal. Only God can give us the right to become sons of God.

Sinai contains no promise of grace. Of the Suretyship and Witsis of Christ.

The Holy Spirit is promised in the Old Testament which leads some to believe He was not in operation at that time Isa. If Adam persevered, he would have received what we received by faith in Jesus Christ. God cannot refuse to grant a holy creature the communion of Himself.

Abel also offered acceptable sacrifices to God, which demonstrates God employed them to sacrifice to Him based on the need for cleansing from sin. God the Father predestined the elect to eternal salvation and gave believers to Christ for his inheritance Ps. Aug 24, Benjamin Thompson rated it really liked it.

God is to be considered in this covenant as all sufficient in Himself for sinful man. For our salvation depends not on this full assurance of faith; but on our union and communion with Christ, which may remain safe and hwrmann without that. Of the Blessings of the Old Testament.

Death means spiritual death. Christ took the bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it. Nov 29, Ray Harris rated it really liked it.

A holy God hates sin and the sinner. The doctrine of election for the younger is preferred over the older which is seen through hermanb entire bible. We must be sure we understand that it refers to both the lineage of the woman and the elect servant of God — Jesus Christ, Christ is therefore the meritorious cause of these benefits. Believers can never completely lose peace with God but the sense of peace with God can be interrupted.

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Classic work on Covenant Theology. This is accomplished through daily love for God John The Seed is used collectively but also in an eminent sense it refers to Jesus Christ. The blessings given to the sons of God are extraordinary blessings 1 Cor.

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man

It is an agreement between God and man, a pact or agreement about the way of obtaining consummate happiness; including a threatening of eternal destruction, with which the contemner of the happiness, offered in that way, is to be punished. Old Testament saints had the law written on their hearts Ps. It is a solemn duty to Christ that dconomy partake worthily.

The Law of the Covenant is twofold: What Sufferings of Christ are Satisfactory.

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man by Herman Witsius | A Puritan’s Mind

Of the First Sabbath. The symbolic law was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Of The Spirit of Adoption. There is only one church, one kingdom, one king, and one law which remains binding to all Eph.

Jun 30, Jacob Aitken rated it really liked it Shelves: There has to be a legal purity about the sacrifice for God to accept it, for an unrighteous man cannot save himself, and only a righteous man can save others.