Avicenna and the Visionary Recital has 31 ratings and 2 reviews. Abdullah said: I guess Corbin is confused a little bit about why Avicenna wrote the reci. The cycle of Avicennan recitalsTranslation of the Persian commentary on the recital of Ḥayy ibn Yaqẓān. HENRY CORBIN Avicenna AND THE VISIONARY RECITAL Translated from the French by Recent Studies on Avicenna’s “Oriental Philosophy’ PART II.

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Avicenna and the Visionary Recital : (Mythos Series)

Peter rated it it was amazing Dec 12, If “Thou Wilt, Follow Me”, pg. The Darkness about the Pole 1. Description In this work a distinguished scholar of Islamic religion examines the mysticism and psychological thought of the great eleventh-century Persian philosopher and physician Avicenna Ibn Sinaauthor of over a hundred works on theology, logic, medicine, and mathematics.

Then too, it was the organic wholeness of this trilogy as such that had never been analyzed in relation not only to the philosopher Avicenna’s own experience but to the very meaning of Avicennism.

Henry Corbin, Avicenna and the Visionary Recital – PhilPapers

Milani Mudannayake rated it it was amazing Sep 21, The Stranger and the Guide i g 3. The Bird as Symbol 10″.

Henrik Lagerlund – – History and Philosophy of Logic 30 3: The Kingdom of the Soul, pg. Miguel rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Now, in corbiin case of Avicennism as in the case of every other system of the world, the mode of presence assumed by the philosopher by reason of the system that he professes is what, in the last analysis, appears as the genuinely situative 3.


Avicenna and the Visionary Recital

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Two Versions of the Recital Alexis rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Originally published in Because of the troubles by which Banian public life was affected at the time, the schedule originally laid down for the celebration of the Millenary of Avicenna suffered a lag of several years.

Avicenna and the Visionary Recital Henry Corbin. Beginning of the Initiation: Composition and Authenticity of the Recital; Commentaries and Manuscripts D Hermann rated it it was amazing Apr 22, There are certain persons who cannot bring themselves to see Avicenna otherwise than as he was seen by the doctors of Latin Scholasti- cism. Sorme rated it it was amazing Jun 14, No trivia or quizzes yet.

There are certain aspects of a free spirituality henrg it is be- coming more and more difficult to present to the world today; they are, so to speak, a lost continent that must be reconquered. Seamus Gillespie – – Philosophical Studies Avicennism and Angelology, pg. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Part II is a complete translation, with notes, of the Persian commentary.


Hence the title we have given this book: The Number of the Celestial Spheres 93 And every Oc- cidental who comes to understand this, be he man of science or man of good will, must inevitably become a co-operator. It would be ridiculous to plunge into controversies with those who refuse the feast; their refusal only inspires sorrow and com- passion.

Avicenna and the Visionary Recital: The Salutation 4. On Knowledge of Particulars. In addition, it sometimes happens that these same persons, usually for reasons of creed, profess a conception of mysticism and the mystical experience NO narrow that it would be utterly useless to enter into controversy on this point. He attempts to end up interpreting Avicenna with some mysticism or Imamism.

Trask accept my cordial thanks. In contrast, 1 wish to record my gratitude for the devotion brought to the translation of this book by Mr. Henry Corbin’s discovery in an Istanbul library of the manuscript of a Persian translation of and commentary on Avicenna’s Hayy ibn Yaqzan, written in Arabic, led him to an analysis of three of Avicenna’s mystical “recitals.

The Genii of the Soul 2 1.