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Sunday, 08 July story acchi hai kuch different dikha story mai after a long time jaisi boring comic aajkal aa rhi hein Prince Jindal.

A very engaging comic, Nagraj aur Nagina is considered one of the best creations in the comic world ever. One of the most famous comic books from the Dushman Nagraj series; it is based on the story where Nagrau fights his clone designed by a villain, Vibhatsu in order to save the citizens of his city. The story is simple yet grippin.

Lekin kya rc aaj tak cuont kiya hai ki wo kitne yese duplicate nagraj aur dhruv aaj tak banaya She challenges Nagraj throughout the herron and makes his existence difficult. The story is very engaging and ends with a nail-biting finish. The story has hints of suspense and is wonderfully written.


Dhruv ka role bhi achha hai The lines written are great. Saturday, 01 February Another black hole series start with this comic. Though the story is more Nagraj oriented ,and Dhruva sometimes look as if an spectator in the ngaraj. Friday, 14 March Above average story with above average artwork. Sunday, 09 February Y comic teen part k series hai aur y pehla part hai.

List of Nagraj’s comics

Story is quite good and it set-up a very good plot for next two comics. Hedrno was good to see Nagrani once again. Although, Nagraj and Dhruva achieve the impossible, they struggle a lot to the end. This is regarded as the first occasion ever where two of the most popular characters in Raj comics nageaj together in a single issue. Here is a list of top 10 most popular comics of Nagraj. Average comics to me.

Story wasn’t much promising in the beginning but since it was just a jumping base for the series, its fine. The comic also featured other popular characters of the times such as Parmanu, Gagan and Vinashdoot. Artwork wasn’t much good either.

Saturday, 08 February Kahani ki starting achhi hai Dhanajay and Dhruv are in a dilemma about how to release hwdron from the trap of the villain and save the world. The suspense is maintained till the climax and whether both the super heroes would be able to accomplish their goal successfully or not. Manisha Tyagi 28 Dec, Sunday, 16 December This is the first comic book in the three-book series.

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Artwork b bakwas h. Wednesday, 24 April i am a dhruva fans and i did not find anything that i read this comics for dhruva Ashish Upadhyay. It was only towards the natraj that the superhero comes out in flying colors. But I think Dhruv will have the ultimate impact as always.

Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva Series by Sanjay Gupta

Monday, 24 February after reading this i got hyper for the next part chunauti ‘coz i expected from it to unfold the mysteries and it did and another part hedron was also good shivansh sinha. Popular on the Web.

People would line up in order to purchase the latest edition of Nagraj comics. The comic is fast-paced and shows a negative side of Nagraj. The fight is tough as the hedrpn possess the power of masquerading as good guys, in this case Nagraj, who finds it difficult to tackle the enemy.

And bhai sheetnag ko koi cream do,uska face din b din bekar hota ja raha h: Monday, 18 June A major disappointing comics.