Sri Tripura Rahasya or Haritayana Samhita. (THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY) Translated by. SWAMI SRI RAMANANANDA SARASWATHI. Tripura Rahasya – haritaayana samhita. THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY If you wanted to know from where the movies The Matrix & its sequels,The. Following India’s Vedic tradition, “Vastu” helps guide people to prosperity and tranquility in life by aligining architectural spaces with the natural world. This work .

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Every instant free from thoughts and musings in the wakeful haritaywna is the condition of Samadhi. The only impurity of the mind is thought.

Tell us your special subject in which you imagine yourself more proficient than us!

Haritayana Samhita – Google+

I certainly take the body for the Self but it is simply a tool of mine. What is origin except that the thing newly appears? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. On regaining his senses, Mahasena found the whole world changed.

Tripura means three cities or the trinity. There can indeed be nothing but consciousness.

Tripura Rahasya

Szmhita vowed that he would clear the earth of the Kshatriya vermin. How can it be compared to the evanescent dream? Neither is control of mind used to gain it. Accordingly, he retired into a mountain fastness and lived as a hermit.


Such inherence is spontaneous no effort is needed to inhere as the Self. It is also called the Haritayana Samhita after its author Haritayana, son of Harita.

When Parasurama had heard the story, he marvelled greatly and requested his Master to continue. What makes you so? It is only due to our lack of wisdom that we do not experience our true nature. This vedantic method of contemplation is also referred to as “Neti, neti” or “not this, not this”, for all is eliminated until nothing remains but the Self.

Otherwise after sleep a man would get up as somebody else. From Wikipedia, the hartiayana encyclopedia. He can at best guide you towards it and nothing more. The whole world is manifested in it like a city in a mirror.

Haritayana samhita pdf

Is this the Self, or something different? Some say that the birth of the universe is infinite and eternal each moment. Therefore I say that the universe is nothing but an image on our consciousness.

Therefore, mystery would be a more appropriate translation. This is compared to the illusion that a dreamer mistakes the dream-rope for a dream-serpent. Therefore objects take on shapes.

Thus requested, Dattatreya, the great sage, began to explain the cause of the illusion which makes one believe the world to be real. Then sought him in private and asked him the reason of his change.


Objects in the world can be handled and put to use, while mental creations e. Wicked man that you are, you are only a bluffer!

Tripura Rahasya – Wikipedia

That alone counts which is self-shining. This implies haritaywna Samadhi is not an uncommon experience. He took many prisoners of war, including all the princes and then re-entered the hill. Similarly, it is with them in regard to the Self. Imagine the shock Mahasena receives when he returns to his world!

He should realise the Self at the moment of instruction. Haritayama knots are millions in number and are created by the bond of delusion which is no other than ignorance of Self.

Some may contest the point saying that the statement is true of a specific object or objects but not of the world which is the aggregate of all that is seen. Sleep is the first born from Transcendence vide Ch. How can the Self be realised in its absence?