So Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri have published a Declaration regarding the global social movements of and their implications. Declaration was originally a self-published electronic pamphlet by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri on the Occupy movement that was released as a “Kindle. Hardt, M. and A. Negri () Declaration. Argo Navis Author. Services. Opening: Take Up the Baton. This is not a manifesto in which they lay out a plan.

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Declaration: Hardt & Negri

A common good, in contrast, they argue Hardt and Negriis something that must be constructed, possessed, managed, and distributed by all. Hardt and Negri’s notion of the ‘new meaning’ given by recent protests is that the common is figured as a kind of debt-in-common which, not moral obligation, functions through an ethics based on the “reciprocal recognition of the social debts that we are understood to owe to one another and to society”, this is a positive, for them, side of the socialization of debt.

We lose alienation in Marx’s sense, the psychological and affective felt ‘metamorphosis’ of the real economic relations, to become an absorbed but dispersed mental subjectivity. The concepts of the possibilities of the common derive from immaterial labor in the new forms of communication. First of all, they say Hardt and Negri,we should recognize that contemporary social movements are experimenting with “new practices of majority rule” that result in “new conceptions of tolerance.

The Theory of Psychoanalysis. Declaration is above all a voicing of support for the social movements and their encampments as offering a clear articulation of the current situation and the beginnings of a way to get past the crisis.

But that does not make them socialist. How is Tiqqun similar to Hardt and Negri? The first thing to notice, though, is that they did, in fact, speak to one another. It is also conspicuous that they Hardt and Negri do not mention which Latin American countries they are referring to; because in each situation there are differing circumstances for instance Venezuela has oil.

In fact we are definitely instead in a ‘post-encampment’ stage of struggle when the state everywhere has reasserted its dominion, not exactly back to where we were before, we have certainly moved on, but talk of post-state environments is exceedingly premature, like talking of ‘post state’ after the encampments of Resurrection City in the Poor Peoples’ campaign in the late ‘s.

Every revolution needs a constituent power—not to bring the revolution to an end but to continue it, guarantee its achievements, and hwrdt it open to further innovations. Not exactly, it is not projected forwards in time as a final goal of socialism, because it is deemed as possible now: Others chimed in on occupy being shallow on the topic of war in general, and not letting Cyndi Sheehan speak.


Unemployed Negativity: Revolution in Theory/Theorizing Revolution: On Hardt and Negri’s Declaration

It seems that once we succeed, we are again annd with state rule, which brings us no closer to the desired democratic management of the common. The task is not to codify new social relations in a fixed order, but instead to create a constituent process that organizes those relations and makes them lasting while also fostering future innovations and remaining open to the veclaration of the multitude.

The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of Many of the colossal debts actually emerged as fictitious capital in the midst of speculative deals that ballooned in the trading back and forth of high finance. Hardt and Negri do of course recognize some of these difficulties and that they have been begri before: Retrieved from ” https: Yet this seems to be a rather artificial obstruction. I regard the Gramscian derived concept of the ‘subaltern’, cited in the book above, as often used as a way to ‘shove out’ the Marxist concept of class, which I aim to defend here.

On Hardt and Negri’s “Declaration”

Physical proximity facilitates the common education of these affects, the intense experiences of cooperation, the creation of mutual security in a situation of extreme vulnerability, and the collective deliberation and decision-making processes: This is not a manifesto.

RM is an excellent journal. By using this hardh, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And, in this regard, there is also what I would call ‘gatekeeping’ of which the decision to not publish this text may be an example ; – I mean the policing of how radical ideas are to be received i. Leninbecause they want no apparent “moralizing about how the declartaion of the poor should be better organized, more constructive, and less violent”!

Their Hardt and Negri synthetic critique of representative democracy is biting, but it comes to rest with Rousseau and Carl Schmittand the social contract and state of exception, which are not so much criticized, now, as by-passed, for they argue Hardt and Negri it “does not matter if they are right” are they? By which is meant that the indebted become singular as opposed to individual by refusing debt, and learning to communicate outside the mediatized environment, a process that causes them to set aside fear.

The best they can say is that it requires what they call a ‘leap’ from the individual to the collective in order to become an autonomous and participating political subject, a decision that must be both singular and common. A constituent power is necessary to organize social production and social life in accordance with ‘our’ principles of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

The movements, in effect, already provide a series of constitutional principles that can be the basis for a constituent process.


Declaration: Hardt & Negri

Views Read Edit View history. End The Dictatorship of Fear! Debt may be a way to exploit the subject on declararion greater scale than ever before, there is no doubt, it also helps poor consumers to continue to purchase the overproduced commodities, but the very scale of the debt shows that the biggest are incurred by the largest entities, in many cases these debts have certainly been transferred from ‘too-big-to-fail’ entities to their governments, and then passed to the population of humble workers, but did the workers, whose hard labor power generates value, also initiate all this debt while being exploited?

This individual has the right to expect political power to be used to preserve his property, in his own person and in his possessions, and the right to freedom of thought, speech, and worship. Sommerville, Cambridge University Press.

This analysis however glosses over the fact that for Lenin this stage of the working class holding state power would not have been under one singular ‘perfect ideology’, but be seeking to contain another competing ideology, that of the old exploiters though see Althusser’s ‘left’ critique of Stalinism, Locke’s most important contribution on political philosophy, his Two Treatises of Government Locke, is a refutation of Sir Robert Filmer’s Patriarchathe first a defense of the divine right of kings, the second a refutation of the absolutist theory of government as such.

They acknowledge the paradox that in such contexts we set out aiming for the common but find ourselves back under the control of the state. Where, they ask, has the project for democracy gone?

One escape door is messages spread virally “through the neighborhoods and a variety of metropolitan circuits. Occupy Wall Street was the most visible but was only one moment in a cycle of struggles that shifted the terrain of political debate and hagdt new possibilities for political action over the course of the year. The concept of ddeclaration in Marx is not a category imposed ‘by science’, but a discovery, that the mode of production of a society, such as capitalism, divides people into broad social groups based in their differing relationship to the means of production; to be a wage worker and seller of labor as a commodity is not the same relation to the means of production as an owner of capital and employer of labor.

Agents of change have already descended into snd streets and occupied city squares, not only threatening and toppling rulers but also conjuring visions of a new world.