A reevaluation of Hanau’s Laws of Articulation and the Hanau Quint. D.D.S., . Bernard Levin. x. Bernard Levin. Search for articles by this author. [R. L. Hanau, contemporary American dentist] The five determinants or variables that affect occlusal contacts. They are the orientation of the occlusal plane, the. Cah Prothese. Jul;5(19) [The Hanau quint]. [Article in French]. Ogolnik R. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. Publication Types: English.

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A single mesiodistal haau on the lower posterior teeth contacted a flat occlusal surface of the upper posterior teeth set at an angle to the horizontal. The patients with complete dentures should follow a regular control schedule at yearly intervals so that an acceptable fit and stable occlusion can be maintained. The force exerted in the incisor area dropped to nine pounds.

Sears concept[ 5 ] Sears in with his chewing members and in with channel teeth both were nonanatomic teeth developed a balanced occlusion by a curved occlusal plane anteroposteriorly qunit laterally or with the use of a second molar ramp. Lang tooth forms or molds are of four types[ 347 ] Anatomic.

Articulation, complete denture, occlusion.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part I

Other factors that affect chewing ability include mobile teeth, bone resorption, reduced sensory perceptions, and motor impairment. In centric occlusion b Sear’s concept: In centric occlusion, contact forces directed toward the ridges according to the linear occlusal concept [ Figure 5a ]. In centric occlusion b French’s concept: In centric occlusion b Sear’s concept: Since then, several hsnau and nonbalanced articulation concepts were proposed in the literature.

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However, it became apparent that even a grain of food on the working side eliminates the balance on the nonworking side. Hence, arranging modified anatomic teeth in a semi-adjustable articulator, which can accept face bow transfer and horizontal and lateral condylar guidance records from which incisal guidance can be established for every individual patient.

Resultant forces should be directed vertically and or lingually. Part I and II of this articles series suint concepts and philosophies of occlusion in complete denture. In centric occlusion hhanau Gysi’s concept: Ganesh Kumarand Prasanna Karthik. The dynamic concept of occlusion is primarily concerned with opening and closing movements involved in mastication.

Complete Dentures – Hanau’s Quint | Foundation for Oral-facial Rehabilitation

Then thorough patient education, motivation, and regular recall will preserve the health of the supporting structures for the longer period. Dynamic concept The dynamic concept of occlusion is primarily concerned with opening and closing movements hanwu in mastication. Bernard levin’s concept[ 2367 ] Bernard Levin’s concept of the laws of articulation is quite similar to Lott’s, but he eliminated the plane of orientation [ Figure 9 ].


Occlusal forces during chewing and swallowing as measured by sound transmission. In right lateral position. Brewer and Donald C. Ultimately, janau may not be able to wear dentures and will be diagnosed as prosthetically maladaptive.

[The Hanau quint].

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Hudson have shown that complete denture teeth do contact at times during mastication. The concept was qkint put forth to enhance the retention of complete dentures during mastication.

Pleasure concept[ 5 ] InDr. Trapozzano’s triad of occlusion Click here to view.

There are numerous concepts, techniques, and philosophies concerning complete denture occlusion. Though some authors argue that these contacts other than mastication are not likely to be made with any great deal of force, it is seen that many patients enjoy comfort only when the eccentric balance is present. This wide range of force hnaau due to a person’s choice of foods, the condition of the supporting structures of the habau, integrity of the crown, and subject’s muscular development.

The lott concept[ 2367 ] He stated the laws as follows: