GURPS International Super Teams may have one of the more unusual geneses of the many GURPS worldbooks. Its concept of a U.N.-sponsored super police. The name “Argurous Astraph” used in GURPS IST is not proper Modern Greek – though the intent is easily comprehensible. The proper way to say “Silver. GURPS, Illuminati, Roleplayer and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks and Supers and International Super Teams are trademarks of Steve.

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In a brief description, it was easy to say, “The U. His largest damage isf is done by flying himself into things at high speed. All times are GMT Some things in the IST world are wish fulfillment; some things are nostalgic holdovers from Warriors’ World. Of course, I had the advantage of being able to set the initial isf, but what resulted from those conditions is, I hope, a very logical and realistic extrapolation.

An attractive looking man with blond hair and bulging muscles. Greed and paranoia became the motivations of the member nations.


The rules book included advice on creating superhero campaigns, and ways for the game master to customize the style of the campaign. One thing I remember sit there was a table of contents of the expansion.

The original Warriors’ World was much too simplistic; in it, the many nations of the U. This would not kill him or knock him unconscious, but it could be a major wound. Partly inspired by the Wild Cards series, it sought to explain the origin of superpowers, the state of advanced technology, and why the U. About five years ago, a new GM took over and introduced a radical alteration into the game-world: Written by Burps M.

International Super Politics

Sign In Don’t have an account? It contains an entire IST embassy compound, completely staffed and equipped and ready to go. This reality has a “near twin” known as Krypton-1 which is or perhaps was accessible by Centrum. I’m a comic book reader from way back.

IST Supers for 4th Edition I know this has been addressed somewhere before, but my search for the thread has been unsuccessful. Sean Punch 48 pages.

Other details were easy — just look at what happened in the real world, and tweak them for better or worse. Originally Posted by JMason I don’t know about a thread From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Retrieved from ” https: Before I knew it, I had been asked to revise the timeline and write some accompanying material for the Supers book. This would blow past his DR and do 52 damage to him after armor, resulting in taking him to HP and no HT roll to survive.

GURPS Supers

This is an average of about points of damage. Find More Posts by JMason. Three all-new metavillains, with their agendas and plans — and patrons. I believe it is not on the forum but I remember people talking about it here.

GURPS IST Designer’s Article

That’s what I recalled seeing in the past and was looking for. Damage he can take: SJG was developing a superhero worldbook, and I thought people might be interested.

Originally Posted by Kymage. This is the way the world might have been. Find More Posts by Kymage.