GURPS Martial Arts brings fighting styles from throughout history to Fourth Edition. GURPS Martial Arts for 4th edition is a mature product that embodies the. GURPS Martial Arts is a source book for the GURPS role-playing game, published by Steve Jackson Games; the most recent edition was scheduled to be . or point your World Wide Web browser to: ~ftp/GURPSnet/www. The GURPS Martial Arts web page is at

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What I am basically trying to say is that as a player, the depth of the system, especially with signature moves, can really make you think of original and deadly tactics. If you want to support me, check out my Patreon!

[Martial Arts] What I learned running GURPS Martial Arts is – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Find More Posts by Figleaf A good martial arts gups is about turning every character into a “fighter,” and still seeing plenty of diversity. Find More Posts by Abaddon I doubt anyone remembers it, but I found many of the suggestions useful.

Now, this caused problems, but it meant that two different styles that both had Judo and Karate were distinct, because one had X and Y, and the other had A and B.

Japanese art of the kusari-fundo Kyujutsu [4] Longsword Fighting [5] Archery: As with the classic edition, general concepts like Marma or pressure points are scattered through the style section. Originally Posted by Abaddon87 That sounds great!


If you have a Judo of 18 and that’s “enough” for Arm Lock, you don’t take the Kartial Lock technique, while another fighter might focus almost exclusively on Arm Lock. Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover.

I found this made all three moves more interesting, but didn’t unbalance anything in particular. The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc.

GURPS Martial Arts – Wikipedia

Perks are almost always worth it unlike Techniquesand they tend to encourage specialized tactics. Internal and Hard vs. Even so, I did make some changes.

Perks really provide that. GURPS, as always, exceeds expectations For example, many people argue that Evaluate is a poor tactical choice, so few people use it. Ages ago, I posted a thread asking questions about how to run a successful and dynamic martial arts game. Many of these styles have realistic and cinematic totals.

All times are GMT Find More Posts by Mailanka.

Way of the Warrior — A bounty of material of interest to Martial Arts fans, including new styles, rules for Technical Grapplingand more.

So, I need to make sure that if I attack you, I do so in a way that you can’t defend properly against, which means that I should feint against you, but knowing that I’ll feint, you might evaluate and, if so, I might be better off evaluating first as artw.

For example, if I attack you with Karate and you successfully parry with Judo, then you might lock me into an arm lock or judo throw me, and thereafter start kicking me in the head. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Surf our site for the files you want.

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GURPS Martial Arts

Sign In Don’t have an account? Some styles were put in information boxes throughout the style section resulting in the list not being entirely alphabetical. It’s true that GURPS has lots of options, but in my experience up to that pointmost of them boil down to configuring your attack and defense into optimal values and then using those again and again.

Made all the difference in the world. Recreate the greatest fighters in the world, or create a style to fit a new campaign, Martial Arts has the techniques and guidelines you need. Nobody’s going to think of that move in the middle of a fight, and there are numerous things that you need kartial calculate can you take a -5 to your defense with a riposte?

From popular Asian bare-handed techniques to European combat arts to fantastic non-human training, this book balances realistic historical schools marhial cinematic feats from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hollywood.