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When donors are at a high risk of transmission of infectious viral diseases, the recipients should be informed and their consent requested.

Long-term outcome after pancreas transplantation. The apnea test results should be interpreted cautiously in the case of patients with severe lung disease who were CO 2 retainers previous hypercapnia D.

This option has been tested in slightly more than 30 patients from South Africa with satisfactory preliminary results; however, more data are needed before this indication is considered C. Its advantages are performance at the bedside, no requirement for contrast medium and wide availability.

Infectious conditions that absolutely disqualify a potential donor: Sreening and treatment of Chagas disease in organ transplant recipientes in the United States: Several terms are used to designate donors that barely meet the selection criteria, such as suboptimal, unfit, high-risk, marginal, borderline and expanded criteria donors.

The individual should not exhibit evidence of supraspinal motor responses to painful stimuli, but spinal reflexes might be present.

In situations such as severe facial trauma, otorrhagia, eye agenesis and high cervical spine injury, which preclude the performance of a portion of the clinical examination, is it possible to establish a diagnosis of brain death? There are reports in the literature of limb C7980 face C81 larynx and trachea C 82 transplants, which are not performed in Brazil.


Renal cell carcinoma detected in a cadaveric donor after orthotopic liver and contralateral renal transplantation in two recipients: Donation should not be ruled out even when these values are not attained D. Recommendations for screening of donor and recipient prior to solid organ transplantation and to minimize transmission of donor-derived infections.

Alternative options for patients who cannot tolerate being disconnected from the ventilator include the following:. The use of organs for transplantation from donors with any of these conditions or encephalitis of unknown cause is contraindicated.

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The presence of turbid fluid and fibrin in the peritoneal cavity, edematous bowel loops, hematomas, mesenteric fatty infiltration and signs of poor perfusion are risk factors for post-transplant complications C. All therapeutic support should be discontinued after brain goytacazws is gotyacazes in a non-donor and this information has been communicated to the family with an explanation for the patient’s death D. One further limitation of this method is the technical difficulty inherent to the available measurement techniques, which provide values with reduced accuracy.

Multiorgan procurement from a victim cyanide poisoning. Relative to the liver, age alone does not define contraindications; however, graft function and survival might be impaired goytacaze donors are more than 60 years old D95 and livers from donors greater than 90 years old should not be used D.

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The minimum interval between the two clinical assessments required for the determination of brain death varies according to the age of the individual as follows D: Goyyacazes three meetings, the new glossary was presented as a WHO recommendation in D. Only patients with refractory shock, i. The test had Surgical inventory during organ removal: Acceptable recipient outcomes with the use of hearts from donors with hepatitis-B core antibodies.

The use of marginal donors is ugia justified when the life expectancy after transplantation is higher compared with conventional clinical treatment D. What are the clinical criteria for the diagnosis of brain death? Ventricular hypertrophy alone is not associated with a higher post-transplantation risk goytacaes mortality B but should be considered when associated with other risk factors, such as a donor age over 55 years old and an ischemia time exceeding 4 hours C.


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Factors associated with high-risk behaviors in the previous 12 months these criteria apply to all tissues:. How should the brainstem reflexes be tested? Which reversible causes yoytacazes unresponsive coma should be excluded? Viral infections Viral infections may also be transmitted through transplanted organs; however, there are many case series describing donors who were positive for several viruses, with a reduced risk especially when the recipients were also positive for the same viruses and preventive measures were implemented C.

A possible exception might be patients with an extremely urgent need for transplantation D.

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Reflex movements in patients with brain death: Organs that can be donated by brain-dead deceased donors include the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas and intestine B. The characteristics of ideal heart donors are as follows: The currently accepted expanded criteria for lung donors are as follows: In a weak recommendation for a given intervention, the desired effects are likely to outweigh the undesirable effects, but the group making the recommendation is not completely confident, either because some of the evidence is low quality or because additional studies are needed.

Electroencephalograms should be avoided in cases with a history of CNS depressant use, induced hypothermia, metabolic disorders or impaired metabolism and excretion of CNS depressants because these conditions might interfere with the test to the point of showing electrical inactivity in patients with preserved cerebral blood flow and consequently resulting in a false-positive diagnosis of brain death D.

According to some reports, grafts from donors with asthmatic lungs might be associated with poor short- and long-term functional outcomes D. Therefore, decision-making should be based on the disease-free period, tumor histology and stage C.