See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Graupner MC 24 collection. Join coupe-freak to create inspiring collections on eBay!. RC Jets – Transmitter Graupner MC24 – Hi Guys Does anyone use the Graupner MC24 for there jet transmitter. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels. MC Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner günstig✓ & schnell✓ im geprüften OnlineShop bestellen! Riesen Auswahl mit über Artikeln.

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Guest Register Login Home. The Graupner MC24 has had no less then 5 total factory recalls. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Todd, well you know what they say about hand size vs. Send a private message to Ggraupner Differnetial aileron mixer, butterfly crow mixer, dual flap mixer, automatic gyro setup facility and other special functions. If I had a tray maybe I would not worry about dropping it.

Hi, I have a MX and it’s great. Push the help key when in a function and you will se more detail directions on how to use that function. And we can go further than that. The MX22 software, is almost identical to the MC Secondary lap timer can be automatically over-ridden by up to 5 auxiliary timers which are dependent on the program and flight phase selected, e. Yes I am still banging on about he English manual!

MC-24 Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner 4842.41

This should not be the case with such a well made product. Unsurpassed range based on my results and Eddie Weeks’.


They don’t come installed in the MC The advert concentrates on useless glitter like the speed of the processor that is of no matter or use to anyone. Find More Posts by A Send a private message to lov2flyrc.

Actually it was not more expensive when I bought either. HF module Dimensions approx. Impossible to tell from advertising blurb as it falls so far short of what these radios can do. Still I feel it is easier to program than most other brands, very mc42 to the JR 10x.

Graupner MC 24 collection on eBay!

The net result is a simple, practical grapner of adjusting the carbur rettor, swashplate, tail rotor curve etc. Send a private message to Red Sky. I too fly the Profi thumbs only. The reason is that the whole of the servos mechanics are at 1.

Transmitter module mx-22/24 / mc-24

For example, if you adjust a trim value the ends remain fixed in place so the trim alters the travels asymetrically in both directions which is not what is wanted in this situation as it leaves the overdriving end point in place. There is barely a mention of what the MC24 can do. Thank you Harry, a much better description and more accurate than mine. Needs to have a handbook and DVD showing the best way to extract its fantastic possibilities in English.

JR servos should work just fine. I do, however, always check to be certain that at maximum throws, I do not bottom out a servo. A Multiplex in 12 channel mode compresses the data signal to speed up the refresh rate but the receiver decompresses it. Where are the MC24 owners when you need them? Mar 04, Grakpner More Posts by Strykaas.


What matters to your hands is not how wide the case is, but how far in from the edge the sticks have been placed, because thats the distance that your thumb has to cover. At least I now won’t confuse it with the Profi which gets referred to as the MC sometimes.

Find More Posts by JetflyerJ. graupnet

If you want a 12 channel system, the Multiplex Profi or the Royal Evo 12 are the ones. The Royal Evo has some new fancy battery management system too that looks very promising. I fly Cubs like mode 2 but side by side, left side is left hand aileron and elevator with right hand throttle. The Evo is very good but the makes it look like a beginner’s radio!

For further information, please visit the homepage of this product. I had a long think with myself for about 2 mins and dumped it.

EXPO characteristic curve for 3 servo functions, two-level system for any model in 6 flight phases, programmable and switchable. Add a Poll to this Thread. I fly my jet in ppm mode and use a Multiplex 12 IPD receiver.

I was well treated by the UK dealer for a replacement. You do not have any products in your shopping cart yet.