Welcome! Learn more about spotted hyenas, ‘paleo’ diet and life, humans as hunters, and the world of “The Gnoll Credo”, and come talk about it in the forums. The Gnoll Credo has ratings and 20 reviews. Arnstein said: A short book which is at different times: (a) an anthropological study of hyainamorph anth. The Gnoll Credo is a novella which is a thinly disguised polemic about the need for humans to recognise their true nature as hunters and what.

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What makes it even crazier is we don’t really ever get to see first hand this fictional society, all we get are second-hand accounts of the main gnoll character telling us about gnoll society along with the occasional “oh yeah, Creeo remember seeing that once” from the narrator.

The Gnoll Credo : J. Stanton :

Google Books — Loading And then you might have a joyous and bloody and terribly strange adventure, and you might find yourself laughing with the gnolls. Popular covers see all 6 covers. I wanted to like this book, I really did. And then you might have a cgedo and bloody and terribly strange adventure, and you might find yourself laughing with the gnolls.

The Gnoll Credo

A short novel about a scholar that writes a report on gnolls, a tribal, bipedal mix between a hyena and person.

The Best Books of No, however there is enough interesting plot threads dangling off in the foreground to give a reader some inspiration for writing their own better take crsdo the distant story, perhaps as some DND campaign idea or something of that sort.

No current Talk conversations about this book. Plus the hyena-like gnolls are really cool. There is a neighbouring kingdom called Odene, the Ghamor Desert lies somewhere within the dukedom of Sostis, and somewhere unspecified resides the Goidelic people s. Sell that ‘enchanted’ sword and come join the hyena-people. I haven’t dropped a book without completing it in over a year, and I wasn’t going to start now, but I couldn’t wait for this experience to be over.

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This book is a kick in the pants.

The two share tales and learn about each others’ cultures through conversation, and we learn what it means to be a Gnoll in a world that initially seems distant but is littered with references from our world. Books by Josh Stanton. The concept of gnolls was fascinating along the way and drove out points that we might make upon groups that we may call “uncivilized” Recommended for those who enjoy examining and debating human behavior.

This is the typical story of a white man who goes above and beyond to join a native culture because modern society is bad. Because if there were, someone gnnoll have risked a violent and painful death to find them, study them, and bring back this book. Such a complicated work of fiction is going to take quite some dissecting before it is given justice, and the most vivid and thus most facilitating way to present it would be to start with the narrative.

And that is just about everything we will know about this world, but I actually applaud that when considering the potential of using The Gnoll Credo as an ecology. The only minus was the tacked-on cultural lecture at the end especially since it is not now possible for humans to go back to hunter-gatherer culture on this planet, attractive though that sounds — if the author had crefo off the epilogue, this review would be 5 stars.

Trivia About The Gnoll Credo. I’ll be interested to see gmoll Stanton comes out with next.


It felt like there were gaps in the story towards the end. Because if there were, someone might have risked a violent and painful death to find them, study them, and bring back this book. I will probably never read this book again, and I won’t be suggesting it to any friends any time soon.

So solving this incongruity would mean to either embrace the chimp in us or the new predator we’ve at least partially become. I liked the challenge of comprehending their world without explicit explanations. It is after all one of the most unique and unusual works of fantasy ever made and those who seek it out on that merit alone will not be disappointed.

Although I vredo Quinn’s books are better organized and coherent. We recommend The Book Depository. In Australia or New Zealand? Finally, there is one more reason as to why one might want to read The Gnoll Credo: Not Very interesting social commentary on humans and the way in which we “began” and how often we end up like.

Crefo, the world in gnolk the book is set confuses me.

The Gnoll Credo by J. Stanton | LibraryThing

Its value will depend on what one wants from it. The gnolls practice a very pragmatic culture and don’t waste anything. Stanton has written and published home and arcade video games, rock, electronic, and tribal music, automobile reviews, US and foreign patents, business plans, dredo campaign websites, and advertising copy.