Since , we’ve been supplying official line-up details to Clashfinder, a Glastonbury fansite which offers Festival-goers the chance to. We’ve been asked to pass on this message from Public Enemy: Unfortunately Flavor Flav cannot leave the USA due to immigration issues, Chuck D regrets the . Glastonbury , June . You can now download this year’s Clashfinder line-up PDFs James Hassan @cassettequality 25 Jun More .

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Glastonbury clashfinder: the worst clashes on ‘s line-up

I accept there’s a problem with the “also include stages with highlighted acts” functionality — how do you highlight an act is it isn’t displayed yet. BBC Introducing has been removed from the official site, the Rocket’s missing end times so I’ve removed the stage for now I’m assuming Glashonbury get them soon.

Guest – Ali Rev Rev 46 Thanks again for clsahfinder your hard work. Rev 97 I suggest you check the correct time at the festival. I’ve locked the clashfinder for editing by the general public now not including a small group of users picked haphazardly from the revision history.


Rev 51 I’m sure Simian Mobile Disco would be hreadlining the Friday not on first. The times are entirely made up at the moment so if you think that that slot will be Rev 24 Rev 48 Guest – Adam Hi halvin, I donated a couple of days ago but am not seeing any stat info.

Glastonbury 2013 Clashfinder

Nope, I don’t have any info, sorry. Guest – Matt Rev 22 Rev 64 They’re all there, aren’t they?

You’re probably wondering when the first proper draft will be up. Rev 15 Wow stage, Friday When you’re logged in, click the Edit button at the top of the clashfinder page to make edits. I concur, once Arcadia is on there I’ll be ready to print. Thanks again for all your hard work I’ve sent the emails out. Any idea which stage? Guest – Ruwise Very minor correction, Glastonbury mis-spelled it, Stealing Sheep play twice, but one of the acts Croissant Neuf, Saturday, Thanks for all your efforts Halvin and others!!

It should make it good to go for those needing to print this weekend. Rev 66 Times are not correct Rev 80 Thanks again for all your hard work I think I’ve found the email. How do i print it with my selected colours for highlighted bands etc??? Anyway, it’s all food for thought.


Glastonbury Line-Up :: Clashfinder

Guest – Andy I’ll be able to roll-back any edits I don’t agree with; don’t take offence if I don’t agree with what you’ve done. I hope they are as I will be there.

The times get announced before the clsahfinder. Rev 5 It took me a while to work out but you 22013 to go to a link in your email and enter a code in that email on the page that it opens. I’ve finally got that Glasto excitement. Rev 17 Rev 34 Rev 82 I was just wondering what your relationship is like with them now. He’s supposed to be on Rev 85 It took Archer three days in